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Railing for stairs: 90 photos and ideas

Railing for stairs: 90 photos and ideas

In a private house, the staircase is one of the most important objects of the structure, to which considerable attention is paid. In addition to its size and shape, the design of functional and beautiful railings plays an important role, which will become not only reliable protection, but also an excellent decorative element of the interior that complements the idea of ​​style. In order for the staircase with the railings to be in harmony with the entire environment, you need to choose the right material, as well as know the basic requirements of the style direction in which the dwelling is made out. This is exactly what we will talk about in this article, and in the final part we suggest visiting the photo gallery with the best pictures-examples of finished interiors.

Main characteristics

Railings are stair rails. They are entrusted with two main tasks: protection against falls while moving up the steps, as well as the function of a support on which you can lean your elbows when climbing, which is especially important for the elderly. Very often the concept of handrails is confused with handrails, but in reality handrails are only an element of handrails, which also include:

– Balusters – the main posts to which the handrail is mounted. Often, this element is assigned not only the functions of the main support, but also decorative;

– Fillers – materials that fill the gaps between the balusters. Very often in modern minimalist interiors, they are simply absent, since in most cases they serve as decoration. However, you need to understand that the placeholder provides a greater level of safety, especially if there are small children in the house..

The handrail can be an independent element that is attached directly to the wall (for example, if the staircase is fenced on both sides by walls). In this case, it acts as a railing. There are statutory norms according to which the height of the railing must be at least 90 cm for the structure to be safe. The fence can be installed on one side of the staircase or framing it on both sides. It is necessary to take into account the width of the steps – if it exceeds 1.25 m, the railings are installed on both sides.

When choosing a staircase design for a house, you need to take into account the distance between the supports – it should be such that the child cannot stick his head in, because such cases often took place on the stairways of Soviet buildings.

Stair Railing - Key Features Stair Railing - Key Features

Materials for making

For the manufacture of handrails, various materials are used, the choice of which will determine both the strength of the structure and its decorative effect and, of course, the cost. Railings can be interior, located inside the building, or exterior, decorating street structures. For the latter, more durable materials (metal, concrete) are preferred. Let’s take a closer look at the types of materials and their properties..

Railing made of wood

Railing made of wood is a classic that never goes out of style. Natural wood can be represented by the entire structure, or only railings are made from it, and the supports remain metal. The main advantages of the material are its environmental performance, strength and durability with proper care. It should be noted that the tree is subject to the influence of external factors, such as humidity and temperature changes, therefore, wood structures must be subject to periodic processing – impregnation with antiseptic compounds, varnishing or paint.

A special advantage of wood is its high aesthetics, the absence of repetition of material patterns, the individuality of which is inherent in nature itself. The flexibility of processing allows you to make various decorative elements: carved details for a classic interior or spectacular signs of aging for Provence and Shabby Chic styles.

One of the ways to design a wooden staircase that deserves special attention is the use of different types of wood, which contrast with each other in color schemes. This option can be quite expensive, so the design can be given different shades with the help of special paints, and the result will be no less spectacular..

Wooden stair railing Wooden stair railing

Metal railings

Railing metal structures are made of stainless steel, aluminum or forged parts. They often become a real decoration of street stair steps of private houses, harmoniously fitting into the general concept of buildings. There are the following types of metal railings:

1. Welded – such structures, as a rule, have a low cost, having some skills and the appropriate tool, they can be made independently at home;

2. Prefabricated – made from ready-made blocks attached to each other;

3. Cast – an expensive pleasure that requires a lot of effort to install;

4. Forged – have the highest aesthetic performance. They can have both simple and rather complex patterns that will adequately decorate any interior, bringing some lightness and chic into it. The main advantage lies in the unusual and attractive designs. If you order hand-made forged items, you can get completely exclusive railings, however, their cost will be rather big..

If we talk about the shortcomings of metal, it is worth mentioning its susceptibility to moisture – structures located on the street can be corroded, so it is necessary to treat them in a timely manner with protective compounds. As for decoration, various processing options are used here, such as painting, matting, polishing, etc. Aluminum and stainless steel products can be chrome-plated, nickel-plated or gold-plated, depending on the design idea. Metal railings have high strength and durability.

Metal stair railing Metal stair railing

Plastic handrails

Plastic fits perfectly into modern interiors. This material has good plasticity, so it is most often used to create complex and unusual railings. PVC is not as strong as, for example, metal, but due to its versatility, it can be colored or imitate other materials (valuable wood species). The material is not subject to decay and corrosion. In addition to all of the above, plastic is favored by its low cost, which makes it possible to inexpensively get original railings to any staircase.

Plastic stair railing Plastic stair railing

Glass railings

Glass screens for stairs are typical for modern stylish interiors. They are light and airy, but at the same time have high strength characteristics. The railing is made of triplex – laminated tempered glass, which has the following advantages: high strength; resistance to temperature extremes and high humidity conditions; indisputable environmental friendliness; wide possibilities of decoration, which allows you to choose color screens or supplemented with drawings made by various techniques.

Another advantage of glass railing screens is their safety. Even if it happens that the glass is somehow broken, it is impossible to cut yourself against its fragments, which have a protective film. Glass railings, due to their transparency, freely let light through, without obscuring the step and part of the staircase space, leaving the entire interior open to the eye. Railings, consisting only of glass panels without handrails, look especially luxurious and modern, but installing such screens will have to sacrifice safety and convenience.

Glass stair railing Glass stair railing


Very often, in the manufacture of handrails, combinations of materials are used, due to which it is possible to create original designs, increase their level of safety and reliability. The ideal alliance is the metal used in the uprights and the wood as the handrail. Sometimes glass joins this duo, filling the space between the supports. Then the staircase takes on a more graceful respectable look. In such structures, plastic can also be used, both in the form of screens and in the form of handrails..

Stair Railing - Material Combinations Stair Railing - Material Combinations Stair Railing - Material Combinations

Stair Railing Design

A staircase in a private house is not only a functional piece of furniture that allows you to move through the floors, but also a significant decorative element. When choosing the type of structure and the materials from which it will be made, it is necessary to take into account that the end result must correspond to the style of the interior, and the design of the railings plays an important role in this..


For the interior decoration of the house in a classic style, an excellent solution would be a staircase with a wrought iron railings topped with handrails made of natural wood. Massive wooden structures with decorative elements that emphasize the richness of the decoration also look great..

Stair Railing Design - Classic Stair Railing Design - Classic


The Art Nouveau staircase is characterized by laconic forms with the presence of geometric lines. We can say that it is the form that acts as the main decoration. Railings are most often made of metal, although the presence of expensive wood is not excluded. Neat forged designs look beautiful, chaotically intertwining in an unpretentious ornament. The glass screens of the handrail are also intrinsic to the style. They make the space light and free, emphasizing the modern design..

Stair Railing Design - Modern Stair Railing Design - Modern


This style is dictated by the interior decoration of abandoned factories and factories, so the staircase must correspond to the concept. Most often, wooden and metal elements are involved in the design, emphasizing its strength and massiveness. The decor is almost completely absent, and rough metal (iron, steel, cast iron) looks great as a railing. Constructions coated with black paint work well. An original idea for a loft interior is the use of a metal frame structure with steps, which serves as their frame at the same time.

Stair Railing Design - Loft Stair Railing Design - Loft

High tech

High-tech stair handrails can be made from materials such as glass, plastic, powder coated metal or polished steel. A feature of the railing designs is the deliberate display of the connecting fasteners and load-bearing elements. Since the concept of the style assumes the presence of various ultra-modern “bells and whistles”, the original version will be luminous railings that are mounted directly to the wall.

Stair Railing Design - High-tech Stair Railing Design - High-tech


The situation is quite different with rural areas. Provence is characterized by interiors close to the nature and life of a French village, so grace, lightness and comfort reign here. The tree in the design takes a leading position, especially light species (birch, linden). The wooden structure itself should look soundly, thoroughly. The style and forged railings are fully emphasized, and the artificial patina will create a unique effect of antiquity..

Stair Railing Design - Provence Stair Railing Design - Provence

Stair railing – photo ideas

In conclusion, we suggest visiting the photo gallery, which presents a variety of design options for stair railings. Here you can make sure that this functional part of the staircase can become a real home decoration. Happy viewing!

Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas Stair railing - photo ideas

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