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Self-replacement of heating elements in the boiler

replacement of boiler heating elements After 2-3 years after operation, the boiler becomes clogged, and the heating element is overgrown with scale. The magnesium anode removes salts from water, but is gradually destroyed. Salts dissolved in it settle on the surface of the heating element. The heating element fails and the electrical charge applied to it begins to be transferred through the water. This could result in an electric shock. If an RCD (residual current device) is installed on the boiler, then when the faulty heating element is turned on, the boiler will turn off. It is unsafe to use such a boiler; it must be cleaned and the faulty heating element replaced..

Boiler cleaning

For cleaning, you need to drain the water from the boiler. Next, remove the bottom case cover. If two heating elements are installed in the boiler, then using a multimeter, check the voltage on the heating elements and compare it with the value indicated in the technical passport. If the voltage value shown by the multimeter is higher, the heating element is out of order and must be replaced.

If the heating element is functional, but contaminated with salts, then it must be left to soak in a solution of citric or acetic acid. To prepare a solution in 10 liters of hot water, two packs of citric acid are diluted. The heating elements are left in the solution for 2 hours, after removing the silicone gaskets from the heating elements. A new magnesium anode is installed.

The tank also needs to be cleaned of scale and dirt. The electronics are removed from the boiler. The previously prepared acid solution is poured into the hole for the heating element. The boiler is left for several hours and then rinsed out of the solution. This procedure is done several times. After cleaning, the boiler will work properly..

It is advisable to clean the boiler every year..

Filling the boiler with water

After cleaning, the boiler is filled with air. It is impossible to turn on the heating elements without water. Therefore, to prevent the heating elements from burning out, the boiler must be filled with water correctly. You need to fill the boiler by opening two stopcocks and a hot water tap on the mixer. Air will gradually escape from the boiler through the tap on the mixer, and cold water will fill the entire tank. When water comes out of the tap, the boiler will be completely filled. It will be possible to turn on heating elements.

Every 6 months, it is necessary to drain 1 liter of water through the non-return valve, as it can become clogged and not work under overpressure. The condition of the magnesium anode is checked every year.

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