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Growing acacia seeds: everything gardeners need to know

growing acacia seeds The tree, slender and with an openwork crown, beckons with its grandeur, as well as snow-white fragrant flowers. For this reason, many gardeners are interested in growing acacia seeds. The process is quite painstaking, but the result shatters many myths to dust. In particular, the fact that robinia cannot bloom violently in the middle lane. Critics claim that she is constantly freezing. Practice shows something quite different. The culture not only grows, but also reproduces successfully.

When collecting pods of false acacia, it is worth choosing good ones, as well as large ones. At the same time, attention is paid to the condition of the seeds. They must be ripe, free from damage and mold..

Destruction of a dense shell

Germinating grains is a very meticulous job. It is carried out so as not to destroy the embryo. At the same time, if you stop half way, then it is impossible to get the expected shoots. Experienced gardeners practice several simple operations:

  • soaking in hydrogen peroxide;
  • rubbing with sandpaper;
  • piercing with needles.

However, scalding is considered the most successful way to grow acacia seeds. Put brown slices on cheesecloth and wrap them up. After the bundle is placed in a glass and poured with boiling water. They are kept in such a high temperature for only 4-7 seconds. The material is then quickly transferred into cold water. The contrast bath instantly cools the grain, preventing the death of the embryo. Thanks to this method of the Little Humpbacked Horse, on the contrary, he wakes up.

For those who are afraid to carry out the proposed experiments, you can try putting the grains in a small sieve. And then in 3-4 passes, rinse with boiling water.

Growing acacia from seeds in several stages

There are two opinions on this issue. Some advocate for the reproduction of Robinia using seedlings. After all, then the seedlings are provided with proper care. Watering and feeding are applied regularly.

Other experts believe that in this way it is impossible to harden a plant that is already thermophilic. But if you sow it directly into open ground, then it will be able to adapt to the climate. At the same time, the taproot is successfully formed without being damaged during the pick. In the case of seedlings, a simple planting technology is used:

  • grains are randomly laid out on the soil surface;
  • watered with warm / hot water;
  • sprinkle with dry earth so that there is no crust;
  • close the container with a transparent lid;
  • put on the battery with a towel or paper.

In such tropical conditions, growing acacia from seed is fast. The sprouts germinate in 5-7 days. Otherwise, seedlings will appear only on the 10-14th day..

Then, at an early age, they are transplanted into pots in order to less traumatize the roots. In the spring, the seedlings are transferred to an open area. Now the main thing for the seedlings is to provide feeding and watering. Then it will be easier for them to survive the first winter..

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