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Sink over the washing machine (60 photos): types, how to choose

Sink over the washing machine (60 photos): types, how to choose

The bathroom is one of the most functional places in the apartment. This should not be forgotten when choosing plumbing fixtures, furniture and household equipment. To prevent a small room from becoming a cluttered warehouse, focus on practicality and multitasking. The more details you manage to combine in one, the better. One of the atypical and not the most obvious solutions is to install the sink directly above the washing machine. But for everything to work and look neat, you need to choose the right components and parts.

Benefits and features

Installing a washbasin above the washing machine has one obvious and main plus – it saves space. It is especially relevant for small rooms, in which otherwise it will not be possible to place both important elements at once. You can even add a locker. To do this, the sink is brought forward a little, and during washing, nothing will interfere at the knee level..

This installation is one of the most effective ways to use space. But there is also a second significant advantage: the variety of sink models and installation methods. There is a dying option for any interior.

Co-assembly is traditionally used in the bathroom. This is not the best option for the kitchen. It is convenient to wash over compact and flat sinks, but not to wash dishes or do housework.

Sink Above Washing Machine - Benefits and Features

Disadvantages and difficulties

As for the shortcomings, the most difficult thing is to choose a siphon, given that there is an electrical appliance under the sink. Any inaccurate installation is fraught with serious safety problems, ranging from a short circuit. It is better to choose special sinks for joint installation with a siphon included. Otherwise, finding a suitable one on your own will not be so easy..

Due to the specifics of the drainage arrangement, the risk of water stagnation is high. It comes out much more slowly than with traditional vertical mounting, and even a small speck can lead to serious blockages..

The wrong choice of place leads to the fact that it is inconvenient to be in the room and move around. Therefore, first, it is better to carefully study and evaluate the installation plan..

Sink over the washing machine - Disadvantages and difficulties

How to choose a sink over a washing machine

The main factors in choosing a washbasin do not change, no matter where it is installed. First of all, consider its size, configuration and installation method. The most convenient are almost flat and shallow water lilies, which save space. This shape does not eat up valuable height. But keep in mind that completely flat washbasins do not retain water, which means they do not protect against splashes. This is dangerous for an electrical appliance, so it is important to find a middle ground..

Materials (edit)

Most often, plastic or earthenware water lilies are used. Models made of cast marble are also popular: a special mixture of concrete, polymers and aggregate. They are durable, beautiful, unpretentious and resistant to chemical detergents. The main advantage of imitation in comparison with natural stone is its low weight. In addition, cast marble can be given any depth and shape..

Sink Above Washing Machine - Materials Sink Above Washing Machine - Materials


Two main types of drain are determined by its configuration: vertical and horizontal. The first is more practical – it does not allow water to stagnate. The second is more compact in terms of saving height. The horizontal drains can be taken out to the side outside the machine body, brought to the side or to the back of the sink. It is safer, but such a drain is more often clogged, so you will have to clean it regularly..

Sink over washing machine - Drain Sink over washing machine - Drain


The hardest part of assembling a water lily together is the safety of the equipment. Therefore, the sinks are equipped with a special waste-overflow system. Its mission is simple: to prevent overflow of water. The overflow hole is located on the side. There are systems with plugs, and the most modern ones are with automation..

Sink Above Washing Machine - Safety

The size

To calculate the dimensions of the sink, add a small margin to the parameters of the washing machine. The minimum protrusion is at least 2 cm from each edge. It is needed so that water does not get on the equipment. The standard depth is 18–20 cm. When installed, deep sinks are too high, which is inconvenient and ugly.

Sink Above Washing Machine - Size

How to choose a washing machine

Only front-loading washing machines are suitable for such an installation. Now there are even special models for joint installation. But you can pick up the usual one if you correctly calculate the sizes.

The optimal height is 60–70 cm, the depth is up to 45 cm. The distance between the machine and the washbasin is up to 3 cm. Pay attention to the compact mini-devices up to 3 kg load.

The documents of special sinks sometimes indicate which models of washing machines they are compatible with. They can also be sold in pre-packaged kits. It is much more convenient, because all the parameters and nuances have already been calculated by the manufacturer, and it is much easier to mount such a structure..

Sink above the washing machine - How to choose a washing machine

Installation features

The convenience, functionality and safety of the entire structure depend on the quality of installation. Such works should be carried out by specialists. First, a washbasin is installed, and only then – a washing machine. By default, all brackets are already included in the kit. But if the bathroom already had fasteners laid during construction, then it is better to leave them – they are more reliable.

Basic Rules

So, when installing a sink with a washing machine, be guided by the following criteria:

– The equipment is completely covered by a sink to avoid constant splashes and water;

– The drain must not be placed directly above the machine, which vibrates and moves during spinning. Over time, it can damage the pipeline, and this leads to its break;

– The average width of the washbasin is from 50 cm, under the standardized width of the machine, or from 58 cm if there is a sewer pipe;

– The floor on which such a structure is installed must be perfectly flat. Therefore, in the presence of defects or bias, you first need to compensate for them;

– To prevent the machine from fidgeting during washing, you can lay a special rubber mat;

– If the faucet is shared between the bathroom and the sink, check that the spout moves freely. Otherwise, you will have to mount the sink so that its edge overlaps the side of the bathroom..

Sink above the washing machine - Basic installation rules

Mounting brackets

If the wall does not have brackets that were installed during construction, attach them yourself. First, place the bowl against the wall to mark out. Only then drill holes for fasteners. The bolts are not fully tightened: leave about 5-7 mm.

Sink Above Washing Machine - Mounting Brackets

Sink assembly

The sink with a siphon is mounted on brackets. A metal hook is inserted into the prepared hole on the back wall of the bowl, which is fixed to the wall. All joints and protrusions are sealed with special foam. Only then are the fastening bolts screwed in all the way..

Sink Above Washing Machine - Sink Assembly

Mixer installation

The mixer is installed after washing. Pipes with a tap are connected with special hoses. Ideally, if you manage to carry them out unnoticed. To connect the machine, take a tee.

Sink above the washing machine - Fitting the mixer

Washing machine connection

After installing the sink with mixer, put the washing machine in its place. It can be moved close to the wall, but then first remove the open communications. Water pipes are hiding in a niche.

Secure the connection between the siphon and the drain hose with a clamp. This is necessary so that the structure does not unexpectedly break off during intensive draining. After installation, you need to check the tightness of all connections again, and the system is ready for use..

Sink above the washing machine - Connecting the washing machine

Sink over the washing machine – photo

We have collected pictures of interesting practical options for installing sinks above the washing machine. See, compare and select a convenient solution for your bathroom!

Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo Sink over the washing machine - photo

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