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Small fish pond

fish in a pond in the country Many summer residents dream of equipping a pond on their site. Freshwater fish such as carp and crucian carp adapt well to almost any conditions.

If you plan to start this unpretentious fish, you will not need to install an aerator and water filters in the reservoir. Balance the ecosystem of the summer cottage, and then the carp will reproduce well in it.

Pit preparation

A pond pit cannot be dug anywhere on the site. There are conditions that you cannot influence.

Before arranging a reservoir, contact a specialist: find out the depth of groundwater, soil stratification and other parameters of your site. Plan the device of the reservoir, based on their recommendations.

It is better to make the shape of the pit correct: round or rectangular. The aspect ratio is 1: 2 or 1: 3. Ponds of this shape are easier to clean from debris and fallen leaves. Be sure to strengthen the banks of the future reservoir so that the water does not wash them away. Otherwise, after three or four years, the pond will grind.

It is advisable to dig wintering holes for fish with a width of at least 1.5 m.Their depth is calculated depending on the area of ​​the pond and the number of individuals.

Launching fish into the pond

It is not worth launching fish into the pond immediately after filling the pit with water. An ecosystem must form in the reservoir. Wait for silt to form at the bottom. This happens throughout the year. It is necessary for a comfortable wintering of fish. It is also necessary to plant plants in the pond that will serve as food for fish..

If you want to start fish this year, buy annuals. They have accumulated body fat and can survive food shortages. Two months after filling the pond with water, lower plants form in the reservoir, and then large algae appear..

Don’t put a lot of fish into the small pond. The bacteria will not have time to process the waste products of large livestock, so the water will be polluted. The fish’s immunity will decrease. A large number of individuals will die.

Lack of oxygen in autumn and winter

Fish can die due to lack of oxygen in the reservoir. Its deficiency occurs in the autumn, when foliage from trees growing on the shore falls into the pond. Leaves need a lot of oxygen to decay. Because of this, the fish suffocates, it swims closer to the surface..

Lack of oxygen has several symptoms:

  • fish swims in circles close to the surface of the reservoir;
  • it becomes very lethargic, individual individuals can be caught with bare hands;
  • fish have bulging eyes.

In order to compensate for the lack of oxygen in the fall, remove the leaves from the reservoir.

In winter, the pond freezes and oxygen does not penetrate into the water. In order to cope with its deficiency, make holes in the pond.

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