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Arrangement of a garden path made of natural stone

natural stone garden path A natural stone walkway is an important design element of a garden plot. With its help, you can create a general composition of buildings on the site. If you arrange a natural stone path well, then it can become the main accent of the country landscape. In order for a path made of natural stone to serve for a long time, it is necessary to properly fill the concrete “pillow”, choose a suitable tile adhesive and carefully lay the natural stone.

If you take into account all the nuances of laying natural stone on a concrete base, then a natural stone path will delight you and surprise your neighbors..

Pouring a concrete base

It is necessary to dig a trench to the width of the proposed garden path with a depth of 10-15 cm. This trench is poured with concrete, making a base for a natural stone. If you plan to mount lamps in the track, then even at the stage of pouring the concrete base, you need to make recesses for the lighting fixtures. For this, small foam “bricks” are placed in the concrete. After the concrete dries, the insulation can be removed from the recesses..

Do not make indentations for the fixtures after the concrete base has dried. If you make such niches after the concrete has hardened, then microcracks will go along the track, which will reduce its service life..

If you do not plan to mount lamps in the track, then you can fill the entire trench at a time. Concrete hardens in 28 days. If you start laying natural stone a few days after pouring the concrete base, you do not need to prepare the concrete for laying, if several months have passed since the foundation was poured, then the concrete must be washed and covered with a primer.

Natural stone laying

After preparing the concrete base, it is necessary to prepare the natural stone for laying. It is sanded and cleaned so that the glue adheres well. If you do not wash the natural stone before laying, then the glue will stick to the particles of clay and sand, and the stone tiles will not be firmly fixed..

In order for the stone to firmly adhere to the concrete base, it is necessary to use special glue.

Adhesive solutions have different temperature ranges of application. It is important to choose the right adhesive for your climatic conditions. In no case should you agree if the workers propose to add a third-party antifreeze additive to the glue..

The glue solution is applied to a concrete “pillow”, and then a natural stone is laid on this solution with a mosaic..

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