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Simple single swing on chains with your own hands

single swing on chains Even if there is no playground on your site, then a swing must be there. In the absence of free space, a simple single swing on chains can also be installed in the garden, using a tree instead of a support. Not very much material is required, and the youngest, beginners, masters will have enough skills. Do you think this is difficult? By no means, and this simple instruction is proof of this. So let’s get started.

What will we do

To make a single swing on chains for children, we need:

  • a wooden bar about 1 m long, 5 mm thick and 13 mm wide;
  • metal corner 30×30 cm;
  • chain;
  • 6 rings;
  • 4 carbines;
  • a piece of sturdy metal pipe;
  • 2 brackets;
  • 2 small pieces of metal plate and fittings;
  • two pieces of metal pipe, equal in length to the plates (a longer pipe should enter into it);
  • tape measure and pencil;
  • saw (hand or electric);
  • sanding paper (grit 80);
  • bolts 7 mm;
  • 4 washers;
  • drill 8 mm;
  • drill;
  • grinding attachment;
  • Bulgarian.

Single swing on chains – manufacturing step by step

Having purchased or found everything you need in the pantry, we proceed directly to the process itself:

  1. Cut off two parts of the same length from the bar. This is the future seat. Its width can be made any, for example, 50 cm.
  2. Using a drill, we grind the bars to make them smooth, and round the edges.
  3. Cut off two pieces from a metal corner 26 cm long.
  4. We polish the corners with sandpaper.
  5. We connect wooden blocks with corners. To do this, we drill holes in the corners and in the tree. We fasten with bolts, screwing on top of special washers with rings.

Before assembling the seat, corners and bars, it is better to pre-paint.

We attach a chain to the finished seat by attaching it to the rings with carabiners. It remains only to make the mount and hang the swing. They will hang on the pipe, from both ends of which we make through holes and insert along the bracket. They will need to thread the last two carabiners installed at the ends of the chain. Now we weld pipes of a smaller diameter to the plates and insert the upper mount into them – a pipe with brackets. We set up a single swing by attaching plates to two trees growing side by side. If you feel sorry for the tree, you can install two posts by attaching a crossbar to them. Then the plates will need to be fixed on the crossbar..

How to make a single swing – video

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