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Caring for perennial flowers after winter

perennials bloom in the country Perennial flowers are the best decoration for a summer cottage. A riot of colors and smells that spread around the cottage during their flowering will be a reward for the gardener for all the efforts spent. Pink or purple phlox flowers bloom on the flower bed, cypress euphorbia blooms with compact pink inflorescences, lemongrass pleases the gardener with yellow flowers, and delicate white flowers bloom on maiden grapes. The most whimsical perennial flowers are plants from the bulbous family. Representatives of this family, which are most often found in flower beds, are lilies and tulips..

At the end of each season, so that the soil under the flowers does not freeze, it must be mulched. Deadwood is the best mulch for perennial flowers, but if you are cutting your flower bed in the spring, you can use straw or sawdust for mulching. Perennial flowers overwinter well under mulch, and in April, when sap flow has not yet begun, it will be possible to carry out spring work.

Spring work with cypress milkweed and phlox

Phlox and cypress euphorbia must be pruned in the spring. In April, perennial flowers will sprout under the mulch and spring sun. It is necessary to remove the remnants of dead wood by cutting them at the root..

When the soil is still wet from melted snow, watering is not necessary. It is categorically impossible to introduce wet dressings into the soil, since they will stimulate the growth of young shoots, and the plants will freeze out. In addition, from an excess of moisture in the soil, the root system of perennial plants will rot.

It is only necessary to lightly loosen the moist soil to ensure aeration of the root system. Such loosening must be done carefully, as there is a risk of damaging the new seeds of perennial flowers. Such loosening is carried out in early April, until new seeds have sprouted..

Spring work with tulips and climbing plants

Perennial flowers from the bulbous family require the most attention. Climbing plants bloom well in partial shade, and bulbous flowers take root well near them, but require more sun. Despite this, these two flower families can be planted in the same flower bed. To do this, in early spring, the climbing plant must be cut off. The trellis for lemongrass or maiden grapes should be 1.5 m.Then it will be possible to plant lilies on the flowerbed next to the climbing plants.

Caring for perennial bulbous flowers consists in mulching and lightly loosening the soil. New bulbs must be buried 2 cm deep in the soil..

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