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Preparing the pruner for seasonal work

preparing the pruner for seasonal work A garden pruner for pruning vines and fruit trees must be prepared for work:

  • sharpen the pruning shear blade or replace it;
  • adjust the spring tension of the secateurs;
  • lubricate the spring to make it easier to work with the pruner.

To prepare the pruner for work, you need to disassemble it if the pruning shears blades are solid and smoothly go into the handle. This will require a screwdriver and pliers. They are sharpened with a whetstone.

If the blades are removable, they can be sharpened with sandpaper without completely disassembling the secateurs. If the blade becomes unusable, it can be easily replaced with a spare.

Preparing the secateurs for sharpening

There are pruning shears on the market with removable blades that can be removed by unscrewing the fixing screw. The sickle-shaped part of the pruner and the removable blade must be washed from the remains of tree sap.

If the pruner does not have removable parts, you need to unscrew the screw holding the tool handles, and then clean the blades from dirt with alcohol or acetone..

Sharpening pruning shears

After disassembling the garden pruner and cleaning its blades, it is necessary to sharpen and sand the pruner using sandpaper or a grindstone.

The blade is sharpened following the contour of the hem. Chips and irregularities in the metal are also removed, “sanding” the sides of the pruner blade and its sickle-shaped part.

Spring pruning shears

After processing the blades, the secateurs are collected again. When assembling the tool, use a screwdriver to tighten the screw that secures the spring. Then the spring is lubricated with machine oil. Special lubricant is supplied with branded secateurs.

After lubricating the springs, it will be easier to work with the pruning shears. You will use the least amount of effort when pruning trees. Sharpened pruning shears will make an even cut on the branch without chewing on the bark. Therefore, the cuts will tighten faster..

When pruning fruit trees and berry bushes, use a garden pitch so that liquid gum does not form on the cuts.

Once the pruner is ready for use, you will significantly increase your productivity and process your plants faster. If your pruning shears’ blades are too rusty, take the tool to a workshop for a professional to clean or replace the blades..

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