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Wall mounted clothes dryers: types and ideas

Wall mounted clothes dryers: types and ideas

Wall-mounted clothes dryers are today recognized as the most convenient designs that can provide high-quality drying of wet clothes. They are beautiful and functional, and their compact size makes it possible to place them in the conditions of small narrow rooms, which are often endowed with small-sized apartments. Such products have a wide range of models, where you can choose the most suitable design in terms of placement, quality and price. Next, we will look at what modern wall-mounted clothes dryers are and what you need to consider when buying..

Features of wall dryers

The great demand for such designs is due to the large number of their positive characteristics, among which I would like to highlight their decorative effect. Products look much neater and more beautiful in interiors than ordinary hanging clotheslines. They are compact and fit perfectly into rooms of all sizes. It is also worth noting such advantages as:

– Functionality – wall dryers have a wide variety of models. They can be folded into small structures and serve as heated towel rails or acquire overall dimensions, turning into full-fledged devices that allow you to hang a lot of clothes. Some products are equipped with a heating function for quick drying;

– Reliability – unlike floor structures, structures cannot move, overturn, and the linen remains motionless;

– Ease of installation and maintenance – if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, the installation of the wall dryer will take a short period of time;

– Duration of operation – most structures are made of durable materials, therefore, if used correctly, they will last a long time.

In addition to the listed advantages, it is worth noting that the variety of models allows you to choose the product that is most affordable. Wall-mounted dryers can be supplemented at your discretion, for example, you can hang clothes hangers on them, compact structures with a suspension, which are used to dry small things (socks, linen, etc.).

Wall Mounted Clothes Dryers - Features Wall-mounted tumble dryers - Features

Types of wall-mounted clothes dryers

On the market today, you can find a wide variety of types of wall dryers – from primitive rope designs to products with built-in heating, lighting, etc. Many models have an automatic holder tensioning system, which is quite convenient. Also, designs may have additional elements: hooks, latches, pull-out shelves.

Sliding dryer

Convenient compact model with the help of simple manipulations can turn into a spacious design. It is easy to slide and push it apart to the required width. When assembled, it is most often used as a towel holder. The sliding dryer has a large number of strings, which allows you to hang quite a lot of washed laundry.

Types of Wall Mounted Clothes Dryers - Extendable Dryer Types of Wall Mounted Clothes Dryers - Extendable Dryer

Foldable dryer

Structurally, such a product consists of two fastening panels and ropes. During installation, one panel is attached to the wall, and the second pulls the ropes located in it according to the principle of a construction tape and is mounted to the opposite surface. When the dryer is not in use, the mobile panel is removed from the wall, while the ropes are wound up and hidden in the bowels of the first. An additional plus is the ability of the dryer to fold in length and width. This is one of the most budgetary options, withstanding up to 7 kg of clothing..

Types of Wall Mounted Clothes Dryers - Foldable Dryer Types of Wall Mounted Clothes Dryers - Foldable Dryer

Swing-out dryer

The folding tumble dryer is a versatile option that will be a great help for the modern interior of a narrow bathroom or balcony. Its design is quite simple, but very convenient – when there is no need for drying, the product simply rises up, merging with the wall. When unfolded, it is also small, and the linen is placed on it in cascades, which ensures quick drying. They can be of various colors and often perform a decorative function in the interior..

Types of Wall Mounted Clothes Dryers - Swing-out Dryer Types of Wall Mounted Clothes Dryers - Swing-out Dryer

Wall dryer “Liana”

The Liana wall dryer is particularly compact and functional. Its main advantage is the installation at the very ceiling, which allows you to free up space as much as possible. Thanks to the convenient system of raising and lowering the planks to the desired height, it is not at all difficult to hang and remove the laundry. The planks can be set at different heights for faster drying. The dimensions of the structure can be up to 2 m both in length and in width.

Types of wall-mounted clothes dryers - Wall-mounted dryer Types of wall-mounted clothes dryers - Wall-mounted dryer

Stationary Electric Dryer

This type of dryers does not have a folding function – the structure is mounted to the wall and is constantly unfolded. They are compact and heated. At the same time, the temperature does not exceed + 60 °, which is quite enough for high-quality drying. They are most often installed in the bathroom. They are used to dry towels after water procedures, and also as an additional source of heating the room. When purchasing such a dryer, you need to take care of the availability of an outlet and good ventilation. There are also models with touch sensors.

Types of Wall Mounted Dryers - Stationary Electric Dryer Types of Wall Mounted Clothes Dryers - Stationary Electric Dryer

Manufacturing materials

The choice of material for the wall dryer plays an important role in terms of practicality, durability and aesthetic value of the product. Materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, wood and ropes are used to make the structure..

Stainless steel wall dryers most often have a chrome finish, which gives the product a special appeal and modernity. The main advantages of steel dryers include: high strength indicators (which affects a long service life), resistance to corrosive processes and a beautiful shine. In order for the structure to retain its original appearance for a long time, it should be periodically wiped with special means..

The aluminum wall structure itself is light and easy to install, but can oxidize over time, which leads to unpleasant yellow stains on the laundry.

Plastic products are much cheaper than steel or aluminum, therefore they are the most purchased. The modern material is resistant to corrosion, has a wide color palette, low weight, and also does not form stains on clothes. The disadvantage is the low strength of the material.

Wood is a beautiful, reliable raw material from which attractive dryers are made. But wood does not tolerate moisture conditions well, therefore it is additionally treated with paint and varnish protective agents.

Constructions for drying clothes made of ropes are the most budgetary option, distinguished by their primitiveness, but, nevertheless, they are quite popular. In this case, you need to pay attention to the strength of the carriers – it is better to choose a dryer with synthetic ropes, which are more practical, not prone to rubbing and the formation of fungus.

There are also many combined options that allow you to purchase a durable structure at an affordable price, for example, with a wooden frame and steel slats or with a metal base and plastic beams..

Wall-mounted tumble dryers - Materials of manufacture Wall-mounted tumble dryers - Materials of manufacture Wall-mounted tumble dryers - Materials of manufacture

Choosing a wall-mounted tumble dryer

When choosing a wall dryer, consider the size of the room. For a narrow room, it is worth purchasing a small structure, for example, half a meter wide. For spacious rooms, you can choose a more practical model, ranging in size from 1 m in width and more.

The best material for durable use is steel. Of course, the cost of a dryer will be much more expensive than a plastic one, but it will last much longer and provide high-quality drying. In this case, the quality of the wall where the structure will be installed also plays a role. To install a powerful dryer, it is necessary that the wall is made of solid brick or concrete. Preference should be given to models with a large distance between the slats so that the laundry dries faster, but before buying it is worth evaluating the size of the room in order to understand how spacious the dryer can be installed.

When choosing a structure, it is necessary to carefully examine it – you cannot purchase metal products on which there are even the most microscopic scratches, as rust will appear.

It is better to give preference to trusted manufacturers, whose products are very popular, such as, for example, dryers of the Italian company Gimi, which are leading in this industry, or products of the German brand Leifheit, which are not inferior in their high characteristics..

Choosing a wall-mounted tumble dryer Choosing a wall-mounted tumble dryer Choosing a wall-mounted tumble dryer

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