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How to properly use urea in combination with other fertilizers

how to use urea correctly Affordable price, instant solubility and high nitrogen content (40%) make urea the most demanded fertilizer. Therefore, many gardeners have a quite pertinent question of how to properly use urea. It can be used throughout the season, although there is an opinion that feeding is necessary only in the spring. However, both in summer and autumn, plants also need nitrogen, but only in smaller quantities..

It is worth using the drug wisely. If you need to increase the amount of nitrogenous compounds in the soil, then it is applied in combination with magnesium sulfate. Subsequently, overdose can be avoided, which leads to the accumulation of nitrates.

How to use urea correctly: 2 vital lists

The benefits mentioned above, of course, make urea a favorite of many farmers. However, it is worth knowing that this chemical is fraught with some dangers. An excess of nitrogen compounds leads to the formation of burns on the leaves. Among other things, it is strictly forbidden to use this fertilizer in a company with:

  1. Dolomite flour.
  2. Wood ash.
  3. Chalk.
  4. Calcium nitrate.
  5. Lime.
  6. Simple superphosphate.

The above list forms part of a simple axiom of how to properly use urea. It is known from the school chemistry course that acid is quenched by any alkali. The result is salt and water. The substances listed above just neutralize the action of urea, thereby destroying all of its beneficial properties. At the same time, it is successfully combined with:

  • phosphoric flour;
  • ammonium sulfate;
  • calcium, ammonium and sodium nitrate;
  • calcium chloride;
  • potassium sulfate;
  • manure.

The first two dressings are recommended to be added if you want to prepare a solution and use it immediately. All other auxiliary preparations allow you to store the suspension for a long period of time..

However, after such powerful “solos”, a lot of acids accumulate in the soil. But it is worth remembering that deoxidizing the soil is much easier than removing salt from it..

Dry or liquid?

Today, urea is produced in tablets, which are covered with a protective film. It only dissolves when it hits the ground, thus preserving valuable nitrogen. Still, it is better to apply snow-white granules in liquid form. Then the chemicals do not cause burns and are absorbed by the plant much faster. To feed a large tree, the following procedure is carried out:

  • dig a hole (10 cm);
  • fill it with water;
  • scatter the granules;
  • cover the funnel with earth.

The dosage is calculated according to the directions on the package, taking into account the individual crop variety. Do not exceed the portion. Only in this case can you achieve the maximum result..

In addition to the topic of how to properly apply urea, it is worth mentioning that it should not be scattered in front of rain or over snow. If this is done, then it is imperative that the top dressing be buried in the ground, otherwise the valuable material will simply be washed off with water. Compliance with these rules contributes to high yields..

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