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DIY old door decor

DIY old door decor

All objects in the house sooner or later age, acquiring an unattractive appearance. But if the furniture can be easily replaced, and the wallpaper can be re-glued, then what to do with the doors? They are not so cheap to dismantle and buy new ones. Let’s face it, given the costs of other things during the renovation, this part doesn’t feel like messing around for a long time. To avoid this, you can decorate old doors with your own hands, which, thanks to the large number of options, often turns into an exciting activity..

1. Painting

The best way to freshen up an old door while slightly redesigning the room is to paint it a new color. In this case, you can use both one and several shades, highlighting, for example, panel parts, moldings or a frame.

Depending on the size of the room, the door can be a bright detail or blend in with the wall decoration, thus not dividing the space. The latter option is suitable for small spaces. In such cases, give preference to light colors..

It is recommended to purchase acrylic paint, which does not leave odors, is evenly applied and does not harm health, which is important for a bedroom or nursery. But first you need to prepare your “canvas”: even a few layers of paint will not hide the unevenness of the old tree. In some cases, for this you will have to remove the doors in order to correct all the shortcomings as much as possible..

Since it is necessary to work with a wide area, the method of application is of great importance for creating a neat final look. Divide the product mentally into several small areas, evenly painting over them with even horizontal or vertical stripes. When dealing with paneled doors, cover them in the following sequence: insertion points, center planks, sides.

After complete drying, you can cover the surface with a protective varnish so that the updated door will last even longer.

Solid colors are suitable for many styles, not because of their neutrality, but due to the brevity, restraint and simplicity that are relevant in modern interior design. You can follow fashion without large investments or experienced craftsmen.

DIY old door decor - Painting DIY old door decor - Painting

2. Drawings and stickers

If monotonous decor is not your option, feel free to take a brush in your hands and paint your boring old door with interesting subjects. People with art education can use it as a canvas, decorating with still lifes, landscapes, cartoon characters. For the rest, there are stencils or vinyl stickers – no less effective tools that will also provide a beautiful result..

In the case of stencils, the principle of operation is the same as in the first paragraph: we prepare the product, apply paint, wait for it to dry. A painted or “bare”, pre-treated surface can be used as a base. Drawings on the texture of old wood look spectacular.

DIY old door decor - Drawings and stickers DIY old door decor - Drawings and stickers DIY old door decor - Drawings and stickers

3. Decoupage

This is an amazing method that, with all the simplicity of materials and ease of application, allows you to create real works of art. Decoupage is ideal for creating and decorating Provence style doors. Especially when combined with a cracking varnish, which helps to visually age objects. Floral ornaments made in this way look very sophisticated and natural, allowing you to doubt the “home” origin of the decor.

So, you will need: PVA glue, napkins, a sponge, scissors for cutting out the necessary details of the picture. On a surface previously cleaned of dust and dirt, paper is applied, after which glue is applied to it. To avoid the appearance of wrinkles or bubbles, you can smooth the picture with a sponge by removing excess liquid.

After the door is dry, and you will have to wait about a day, the drawing must be fixed with ordinary furniture varnish. Almost any material can be decorated in this way, but it is with wood that it goes best..

DIY old door decor - Decoupage DIY old door decor - Decoupage

4. Wallpaper

It can be a shame when a few meters of unused wallpaper remains after the renovation. Don’t throw them away – better leave them for decorating old doors! This is a completely inexpensive solution that will refresh the interior and hide the flaws of the product..

They can cover the entire area or individual details – it all depends on the image, as well as the design of the room. Some types of wallpaper have a relief structure, making the decor richer and more varied..

For a nursery or a bright interior, you can take a photo wallpaper depicting landscapes, paintings or other doors. Small games with perspective will visually enlarge the space. Only the rest of its elements should at the same time balance the composition, being a neutral background..

DIY old door decor - Wallpaper DIY old door decor - Wallpaper

5. Fabric

For the decoration of old doors, you can take the remnants of fabric, especially if they were used for upholstering furniture. Such an intersection of drawings will look appropriate in one interior..

Either way, fabric is a textured, eye-catching solution that will surely help refresh an old piece while covering up minor imperfections. You can fix it to the door using ordinary glue or furniture clips. The second option is good because over time the boring part can be removed.

Lace is popular not only in clothing but also in decor. Here, with their help, you can emphasize the refined taste of the owners by decorating the door with them..

DIY old door decor - Fabric DIY old door decor - Fabric

6. Leather

The leather-lined door is certainly a sign of the owners’ status. It will fit more into the office space than the nursery, but because of this it becomes no less interesting as an option for decor.

According to the rules, of course, such products must be ordered in salons, always from natural materials. But for a less solid interior, a substitute is quite suitable, since it can be chosen in all possible color combinations..

For the leather you need rivets that will help it to “wrap” the door beautifully and lock. Plus, it can give the design an industrial touch that perfectly matches the loft style..

Thin leather carving or drawing will look luxurious. Another original idea: a door trimmed with old belts, but for this you will have to visit more than one flea market.

DIY old door decor - Leather DIY old door decor - Leather DIY old door decor - Leather

7. Mosaic

Mosaic compositions will never lose their relevance: they are beautiful, unusual and interesting to implement. It looks a bit like a puzzle, only you make up the picture yourself.

You can use ceramic, glass or acrylic parts. Make sure that all the colors for the future “picture” are enough. These can be realistic plots, surrealism, or randomly placed elements that are fixed with ordinary glue..

You can decorate the facade, panel or doorway. Check the reliability of the product so that when the doors are suddenly closed, some part does not suddenly disappear.

DIY old door decor - Mosaic

8. Aging

For some styles, having elements that are literally steeped in history is the main condition. But here it is worth distinguishing between “shabby” and “luxurious” old age. We need a second view, and we will have to work on its creation..

There are many ways to artificially age furniture. Some of them are professional and not feasible under normal conditions. Others are simple tricks that successfully mimic cracked paint..

For door decoration, you can use craquelure varnish, which literally makes the paint crack. Do not forget that it is better to work with several layers – to give more depth to the drawings..

A dry brush also copes with its mission, which fluently paints the surface, giving it a worn look..

Several layers of paint can be rubbed with sandpaper, revealing the multi-layered coating. And if in some places you rub with a wax candle, paint the door and rub, then the paint will drop off locally, also creating the necessary effect.

DIY old door decor - Aging DIY old door decor - Aging

9. Stained glass

Multicolored stained-glass windows in temples, smoothly letting in light, always delight the audience. Why not try to create a faint, but semblance of this beauty at home, at the same time decorating old doors?

For this method, glass inserts are used. And here you have two options: buy a finished product with a picture or decorate it yourself. The latter, of course, is more interesting, but it can be done after some preparation..

In addition to the acrylic paints with which the drawing is applied, you will need a special contour that creates the illusion of a metal frame. The glass sheet should be in a horizontal position so that the paint does not drip over the slippery surface without having time to grab. The finished product must be installed in the panel and fixed with glazing beads..

DIY old door decor - Stained glass DIY old door decor - Stained glass DIY old door decor - Stained glass

10. Molding

Moldings will also help decorate old doors – elements that imitate stucco molding, which is so relevant in a classic interior or Art Deco style..

The parts are usually made of foam or polyurethane and are therefore cheap but allow for truly luxurious designs. You can buy ready-made components, fix them to the door with liquid nails or glue..

Usually, door decor with moldings is not very diverse, but sometimes it turns out to stumble upon aesthetic models. They can be painted in overlapping or contrasting colors to achieve different effects..

DIY old door decor - Molding DIY old door decor - Molding

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