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Rabbit breeding for beginners

rabbit with rabbits Rabbit breeding was not widespread in the USSR because breeding technologies were not sufficiently developed. The rabbits were kept in common cages (how to make a cage for rabbits with your own hands?). This led to the spread of viral diseases. The number of rabbits died out in a matter of days if at least one individual fell ill with HBV (viral hemorrhagic disease of rabbits) or myxomatosis.

Even with home keeping for own consumption, all livestock must be vaccinated against these diseases. The litter is vaccinated on the 10th day after birth.

What breed of rabbits to choose

For breeding, purchase rabbits only in nurseries. Decide on the breed of rabbits. Rabbits of different breeds require different housing conditions and withstand different temperatures.

Rabbits of the White Giant breed are best tolerated by the cold. They are also considered the largest of all breeds. Rabbits, which are bred for meat, are ready for slaughter after 4 months of keeping. They grow up to 8.5 kg, but they can be grown up to 2 years, then their weight reaches 20 kg. Giant rabbits (meat breeds) are ready for mating in 6-6.5 months.

Rabbits of meat, fur and fur breeds are ready for the first mating in 4.5-5 months. The best meat and fur breed are the “Butterfly” rabbits. Meat and fur breeds reach a weight of 3 kg. They are slaughtered after 4 months, since then they only build up fat.

Rabbit cages

Each rabbit must have its own cage. It can be wooden or metal. When keeping a rabbit in a wooden cage, he needs to be given sprigs of raspberries or acacia so that he does not chew on the cage. Be sure to put a hay bed on the floor. The cages must be kept clean, so manure is removed from them every day. Change the bedding every 3 days.

Rabbit diet

Rabbits eat 8 times a day, so the feeders must be constantly filled.

It is categorically impossible to give cabbage to rabbits. It causes bloating and discomfort. A rabbit can die from such food..

The rabbit’s diet should consist of hay, compound feed, barley or oats. Fresh grass should be excluded from the diet, since the rabbit’s stomach does not digest it. The rabbit will quickly become dehydrated and the intestinal tract will be disrupted, increasing the likelihood of death. In order for the rabbit to receive the necessary dose of vitamins, it is necessary to give him a carrot every 2-3 days..

After the rounding, give the female barley kernels. This will calm her down, and she will not be aggressive towards the rabbits. Continue feeding the female rabbit barley for 14 days. This will increase milk production..

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