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Early peonies: luxurious garden exhibits

early peonies Early peonies will be appreciated by landscape designers and flower growers who are eager to enjoy their charming bloom. Getting to know the most popular varieties will help you make the right choice. Considering the decorative properties of each variety, as well as the peculiarities of growth, you can achieve an amazing result..

The “Red Grace” variety has high decorative properties. Its flowers (20-22 cm) have a spherical shape and amaze with their crimson palette. It also looks like a hybrid “Angelo Cobb Freeborn”, but only in its arsenal there is a bright crimson color.

Early peonies: a laconic portfolio

It is the American hybrids that are considered the earliest of this group. They differ in the shape of the inflorescences and shade. Some of them surprise with their luxurious terry buds, while others – with an exquisite crown of petals, decorated with shaggy stamens in the center. Among the many popular varieties of early peonies, attention should be paid to the following:

  1. “Red Charm” (from the English word “charm” – charm). The buds grow into a lush ball, and several large petals remain at the base..
  2. “Dandy Den”. The flowers have unusually wavy edges, although not a very fluffy structure. They combine several tones at once: burgundy, red and brown..
  3. Ellen Cowley. At the beginning of budding, it appears to the gardener in a closed form. Later, petals growing from 6 rows open and show a fiery yellow center.
  4. Red Red Rose. Semi-double flowers (diameter 15-16 cm) are presented in an aggressive shade of red. The central zone of each of them is filled with a bunch of golden anthers..
  5. Sable. It surprises with black and red shades of rarely planted petals, which look amazing in company with a shaggy yellow center. The hybrid is the tallest – 130 cm.
  6. Baikal Belle. Differs in exuberant flowering of dark red colors. Although surprisingly the petals are very rare.

The well-known variety “Festival Maxim” attracts with its snow-white flowers, decorated with a cream center with red strokes.

The title of the most luxurious variety has “Chocolet Souldzh” (Chocolate Soldier – chocolate soldier). Cherry-tinted petals with black tint are arranged in the shape of a crown. In the center there is a chic pompom, consisting of many narrow staminodes. Each stamen is framed with a golden border. This combination of shapes and colors makes it a favorite of many gardeners. The early Miss America peonies have similar buds, only with a more pronounced yellow center. Such a collection can perfectly fit in the garden of the lovers of luxury..

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