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10 free interior design software

10 free interior design software

The 21st century, with its advanced technologies, greatly simplifies life, both in everyday affairs and in professional activity. Architects have not used paper, pencil or ruler to create plans for a long time. Moreover, the process itself has become much easier, more productive and more interesting, resembling a game rather than painstaking work. Now everyone can think of their dream home using free programs for interior design and apartment planning. Not sure where to start? We will advise you!

1. Remplanner

Remplanner.ru is the only Russian Planner designed for repairs. It allows users to independently make full-fledged working drawings for the renovation of their apartment..

The most important difference of this Planner from others is the design and presentation of the project in the form of working drawings, as in a classic design project. All information about the project is spread over 16 sheets.

For example, on the sheet of outlets, all the necessary information on sockets and outputs required for workers is indicated – the number of outlets, their location (with dimensions), the type of outlets (ordinary or moisture resistant), for which equipment the outlet is intended.

The plan for the installation of walls and partitions – indicates the location of the newly erected walls, the material of the walls, the dimensions of doorways, etc..

Also in the Planner there are:

  • 3d visualization;
  • printing an album of drawings as a pdf file;
  • calculation of estimates and scope of work for teams;
  • approximate calculation of rough materials for repair;
  • the ability to work simultaneously with several layouts.

Official site: https://remplanner.ru

Remplanner - Free software for interior design Remplanner - Free software for interior design Remplanner - Free software for interior design

2. SketchUp

There are two versions of the program: paid, with advanced functionality for professionals, and free. But this does not mean that the second option provides limited opportunities for creating renders..

With its help, it will be possible to design high-quality three-dimensional design models, “playing” with the layout, colors, furniture. The only negative is the small variety of objects, but they are easy to find on the Internet.

After downloading SketchUp, you can start working right away, since the interface is very simple and straightforward. An important tool is the ability to sign the dimensions of individual elements.

The finished render is posted on the Web or vice versa – they are looking for inspiration there, studying other people’s work.

Curiously, this program is suitable not only for designing houses and apartments – it can be used to create three-dimensional models of a plot, road, car or other objects..

Official site: https://www.sketchup.com/ru

SketchUp - Free interior design software SketchUp - Free interior design software

3. Sweet Home 3D

This program may not satisfy serious designers, but ordinary users may find it very useful and, most importantly, simple. Sweet Home 3D will not help in creating complex projects, but small experiments with this application are easy to carry out. For example, if you want to see how the closet will look like next to the sofa, as well as whether to put the TV against this wall. In just five minutes, you can easily sketch out a floor plan.

Unfortunately, the installed catalog of objects is not large enough to offer variations in shapes, sizes or fittings. This could be a significant disadvantage if the missing items could not be downloaded from the official website, but this issue is easily resolved. Sweet Home 3D is a foreign program, but for users who do not understand English well, there is good news: there is a Russian version.

Official site: http://www.sweethome3d.com/ru/

Sweet Home 3D - Free software for interior design Sweet Home 3D - Free software for interior design Sweet Home 3D - Free software for interior design

4. Astron Design

Astron software allows you to arrange objects in a room with the desired parameters. This is not a multidisciplinary design tool, but the installed functionality is quite enough for thinking through projects..

You can choose your own option for finishing the key partitions, having previously indicated their dimensions. Having fantasized a little or calculated everything to the smallest detail, in the created space you can place furniture, decor, and also decide on the location of doors and windows. A relatively large directory is quite enough for this..

Official site: http://www.astron-mebel.ru/astron-dizayn/

Astron Design - Free software for interior design Astron Design - Free software for interior design

5. Homestyler

Great program for interior design and apartment planning from the creators of 3ds Max and AutoCAD.

Having launched Homestyler, you need to choose one of the three proposed functions: interior design from scratch, use of a ready-made scheme or a ready-made project from an extensive gallery. At the same time, you will have at your disposal many options for finishes, colors and real pieces of furniture, which are included in the catalogs of famous brands..

Official site: https://www.homestyler.com

Homestyler - Free interior design software Homestyler - Free interior design software Homestyler - Free interior design software

6. Planoplan

Another tool for creating interiors with real store furniture instead of fictional models. There are three ways to work with the program: an online service, a free demo version, or a paid one for professionals. At the same time, Planoplan continues to evolve and innovate continuously. Another advantage is the presence of a Russian interface.

Working on the interior of the apartment, you can independently come up with a layout or choose standard options. There is a function of a virtual tour of the finished project with the ability to view on a smartphone.

Planoplan is suitable not only for thinking through the general layout, but also for more detailed moments. For example, to keep track of how the shadow will move during the day, you can adjust the sunlight based on the time of day. Many of the materials you use for your interior have specifications. To understand all the functions, the site has video instructions that will clearly demonstrate the program management system.

Official site: https://planoplan.com

Planoplan - Free interior design software Planoplan - Free interior design software

7. PRO100

Unlike other online services and programs with a simple interface, you will have to spend a little time mastering the PRO100. This is a more professional application that allows you to transform every detail of the selected element, from texture to transparency. The demo version has limited functionality, but it will be enough for planning or sketching.

A curious property that is rarely found in free programs for interior design and apartment planning: the ability to independently draw any object, adjusting its shape, size or texture, especially if you have products from the store in mind. Before starting work, you need to specify the parameters of the premises, after which you can design the house of your dreams.

Official site: http://ru.pro100.eu/pro100

PRO100 - Free software for interior design PRO100 - Free software for interior design

8. 3D interior design

This program offers an extensive catalog of furniture, finishes and colors. Of course, the trial version limits the real properties, but they are quite enough to create a high-quality render..

Create your own layout by specifying the exact parameters or choosing typical ones that are constantly added to the program base.

Simple interface in Russian, which is important. You can “walk” through the finished project of the apartment using the virtual tour function. 3D planner offers to save the finished plan, edit it or print it.

In general, the product is not much different from similar ones, but it is suitable for those who do not want to spend a lot of time mastering a new planner..

Official site: http://interior3d.su/

Interior Design 3D - Free Interior Design Software Interior Design 3D - Free Interior Design Software

9. Planner 5D

Constantly developing and renewing interior design program with an extensive catalog. The service was created by Russian developers for a Russian audience, so you can quickly get used to the functionality.

There is an opportunity not only to be inspired by other people’s works, but also to use them, editing as you wish. For example, you liked someone else’s project and, in order not to waste extra time, you can adjust it to the parameters of your home.

The finished renders look very high quality and detailed, as if professional designers worked on them. Plus, Planner 5D has a mobile app, so you can sketch your dream home on the subway or on your way to work..

Official site: https://planner5d.com/ru/

Planner 5D - Free Interior Design Software Planner 5D - Free Interior Design Software Planner 5D - Free Interior Design Software

10. FloorPlan 3D

And finally, a tool for real designers, which is pleasant and easy to work with. With it, you can not only sketch out the layout of several rooms, but also think over the whole area, taking into account every detail.

In addition to standard furniture, you have at your disposal a huge catalog of flower beds, bushes, fences, paths, allowing you to create landscaping around the house..

The final picture looks very realistic, and the ability to “walk” around the garden or room allows you to evaluate the project from all sides, including from the side of the resident.

There is a demo version for review, a Russian-language interface. The disadvantages are rather technical in nature: the fact is that the installed FloorPlan 3D weighs a lot and has high system requirements.

Official site: http://www.floorplan.ru/

FloorPlan 3D - Free interior design software FloorPlan 3D - Free interior design software

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