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Growing watermelons in greenhouses in cold regions is interesting

watermelon in the greenhouse The climate in Siberia is too cold for growing heat-loving crops. Nevertheless, it is possible to grow a watermelon in Siberia. In order for the berries, regardless of weather conditions, to ripen and be sweet, you need to grow watermelons in a greenhouse.

Ovary and care for greenhouse melons

When growing watermelons in a greenhouse, after the lash grows up and begins to bloom, it will be necessary to manually pollinate the watermelon to form an ovary. Leave one or two fruits on each lash, as the greenhouse plant will not be able to “pull” more berries. Two watermelons left on the whip will be smaller than a single berry and take longer to ripen.

Watermelons are grown on a trellis, so the lashes must be tied up, and the fruits must be wrapped in a net. Greenhouse watermelons are weaker than those planted in open ground, and the whips will fall to the ground under the weight of the berries. Lying on the ground, a watermelon can rot. All lateral shoots, except for those that grow towards the support, must be cut.

Larger plants need to be helped to curl around the support and turn them towards the sun, because the lashes need more light to form leaves and fruits..

Benefits of growing watermelons in a greenhouse

Greenhouse watermelons are disease and pest resistant. Plants planted in open ground are susceptible to phytophthora disease and other viral diseases, which are carried by insects.

Since insects practically do not fly into the greenhouse, greenhouse watermelons are not susceptible to viral diseases..

Melon does not weave along the ground, but winds along the trellis, so it is convenient to pick the fruits. The watermelon is filled with juice very quickly, since when grown in a greenhouse, the side shoots are removed, and all the nutrition goes to the berry.

Features of greenhouse cultivation, fertilizer for watermelon

In some plants, only male flowers can form on the main lash. It depends on the seed and variety of the watermelon. In this case, it is necessary to leave the stepson and let him grow. It will bloom with both female and male flowers. Such a plant needs to be fertilized more often, since it requires twice as much nutrients..

Apply fertilizers throughout the season. In the first month, fertilize with a solution of horse or cow humus. For three liters of water, add 300 gr. manure and water the planted seedlings. When the plant grows up and begins to form fruits, add a solution of yeast to the soil every 10-15 days.

Overexposing the watermelon in the garden is not worth it, because it will become too sugared, overripe. The seeds of such a watermelon can germinate even inside the fruit..

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