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Homemade compound feed is needed to successfully raise animals

animal feed In order for the chickens to lay eggs well, you need to create a balanced feed base for them. You can make your own poultry feed. Homemade feed will increase the egg production of chickens, the egg shell will become stronger. It is better to use wheat as the basis for the grain mixture. Its bright color will attract chickens, and its high protein content will stimulate egg production..

Taking into account the extra charges on the components, the cost of homemade mixed feed will be higher than the price of a factory grain mixture, but you will be able to create a complete diet for laying hens, which will allow you to get a guaranteed large number of eggs..

Basic compound feed recipe

The basic compound feed includes:

  • 48% wheat;
  • 36% barley;
  • 8% sunflower meal;
  • 3% feed yeast;
  • 2.4% fishmeal;
  • 1.2% lime meal;
  • 0.4% rock salt;
  • 1% premix for compound feed.

All components must be thoroughly grinded, mixed and passed through a granulator. For adult laying hens, the pellet should be between 5 mm and 7 mm in diameter. Chicks can be pelleted with a diameter of 4 mm.

How can components be replaced

Some components in the recipe can be replaced. Instead of fishmeal, meat and bone meal is usually used. Eggshells can be a source of calcium. The share of eggshells in compound feed should be no more than 0.5%.

Lime fodder meal is replaced with fodder sulfur and vegetable oil sludge. Lime is a source of phosphorus and has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract of poultry. With the addition of fusa or lime flour, you will get rid of liquid droppings from chickens.

Barley is a good source of fiber, which helps stretch the stomach of the laying hen and assists in better absorption of the grain. Some of the barley fiber can be replaced with shale or gravel stones. They will help grind the grain in the chicken’s stomach..

Preparing feed for pigs and rabbits

It is not necessary to granulate the grain mixture for poultry; you can simply grind the components in a crushing machine. Compound feed for pigs and rabbits must be granulated, otherwise the animals will not receive adequate nutrition. Rabbit food must be formulated with hay or grass meal, and pigs need a high protein grain mixture to gain muscle mass quickly. Some peas and nuts can be added to a balanced base feed to increase the protein content.

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