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Growing broccoli in seedlings or ready for player one

growing broccoli seedlings

Emerald broccoli is considered one of the healthiest varieties of cauliflower. Unlike its relatives, it does not need to be shaded from direct sunlight. Regular consumption of fresh vegetables is an excellent cancer prevention. For an ordinary family of 2-6 people, it is enough to plant only 30 crop seeds.

You can also grow cabbage in a seedless way. Yet the disadvantage of this technology is the later harvest..

Planting broccoli seedlings – unstoppable sprouts

Agronomists advise buying grains that have undergone special processing. In this case, they do not require additional soaking. Broccoli seeds are sown in cassettes (3-4 cm in diameter) in early March or April. They are filled with a nutrient substrate, and then thoroughly moistened with a spray bottle. Seeds are laid out in each cell, placing them in the center.

Further it is necessary:

  • use the handle cap to deepen the grain to 5-10 mm;
  • sprinkle with soil;
  • spray the planting abundantly;
  • cover with foil.

Seedlings are sown in loose soil. It must have a moisture and breathable structure. If a crust forms on the surface, it will be difficult for the sprouts to break through. This, in turn, will lead to deformation of the seedling..

The first shoots will appear after 4-5 days. Then they are transferred to a cool room. The air temperature should be within 7-12˚С, but they can withstand 0˚С. At 20 ° C, the sprouts stretch out with lightning speed and do not have time to develop immunity to diseases, as well as to abnormal natural phenomena. As a result, they will not be able to develop normally in the garden and will soon disappear..

A pick into plastic glasses with peat-humus is carried out when the sprouts rise to 5 cm and 2-3 leaves are formed on them. For the last 2 weeks, it is hardened daily at lower temperatures for 3-4 hours.

Transplanting broccoli seedlings into open ground – freedom from 30-day “bondage”

You can transfer cabbage seedlings to the garden bed after 30-40 days after sowing. Timing largely depends on the variety of broccoli, as well as the conditions of the seedlings. By that time, the seedlings will stretch up to 10-15 cm, and up to 4-6 full-fledged leaves will appear on their stems.

Transplanting into open soil is quite simple:

  • cups with seedlings are spilled with water;
  • funnels are formed on the site according to the scheme 45×60 cm;
  • fill it with water and wait until it is absorbed;
  • lower the seedling together with an earthen lump into the hole;
  • fall asleep with soil mixture, deepening the sprout to the first leaves;
  • tamp the soil near the root circle;
  • again abundantly moisturize the garden.

Although the culture is considered frost-resistant, it is still planted when the ground warms up to 15˚С. In the Urals and Siberia, they choose the second half of May or the beginning of June for this. By following these simple rules for growing broccoli, millions of gardeners have already reaped an amazing harvest..

How to sow broccoli seeds – video

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