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Fruit battle – the usefulness of orange and tangerine

oranges and tangerines Citrus fruits are a favorite treat for adults and children. Oranges and tangerines become especially popular in winter, when other fresh natural fruits are not available (imported, of course, are not considered). As a rule, children like tangerines more – they usually have a sweeter taste, in addition, you can peel the tangerine from the zest without the help of parents. However, oranges also have a lot of adherents due to their juicy and tasty pulp..

Both tangerines and oranges are known to contain many trace elements. Many probably wondered which of these citrus fruits is more useful. And it all depends on which side to look from, in other words, the beneficial effect of fruits can be assessed depending on the predominance of one or another vitamin in their composition..

Who is richer in vitamin A?

The orange color of the peel of citrus fruits is direct evidence that both of them contain beta-carotene, which in the human body is converted into vitamin A. This element is responsible for the production of the required amount of collagen, which, in turn, makes the skin elastic and elastic. In addition, it is very necessary for vision..

In terms of the amount of vitamin A, tangerine is more than 2.5 times healthier than orange.

Who has more vitamin C?

Vitamin C is no less useful for the body than vitamin A, because it:

  • provides elasticity of blood vessels;
  • due to its antioxidant properties, it keeps it intact and does not damage the inner wall of blood vessels, which is the prevention of atherosclerosis.

By the amount of vitamin C, orange is 2.7 times ahead of mandarin.

Which citrus has more coarse fiber?

When making orange or tangerine juice, a lot of waste is left behind. They are the storehouse of dietary fiber. They are not digested by the body, but this is the huge benefit of coarse fibers. Once in the intestines, they swell there and remove all toxins outside, cleansing it.

Orange has 2.5 times more coarse fiber than mandarin.

Summing up, it can be noted that the battle of fruits is justly won by the orange. It contains more vitamin C and coarse fiber. But tangerine is useful in case of a lack of vitamin A.

Which is healthier: orange or tangerine – video

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