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Video: how to make do-it-yourself garden beds in the country

how best to make the beds video It is impossible to imagine a vegetable garden without beds, every summer resident strives to make their beds well-groomed, productive and beautiful. Planting crops in beds has certain advantages over other cultivation methods..

Correct beds allow you to use the land rationally, save time on crop maintenance, help preserve moisture and nutrients. Farming in the beds is the key to a high and stable harvest every year..

You can make beds in different ways, each gardener in this regard shows the maximum of his imagination, ingenuity, skill and skill.

Valery Medvedev, an amateur gardener and gardener with great experience, will show and tell you his version of creating universal and warm beds in the country..

The author of the master class suggests making tall wooden beds to retain moisture and heat, and for better growth and development of plants, he lines the bottom of the beds with old foliage, on top of which he places compost and garden soil.

The cost of the beds is low, and Valery claims that such beds will last you more than 10 years without repairs and additional costs. An interesting idea presented in this video will allow you to do what you love – garden work, without unnecessary hassle and with great pleasure.!

Video: universal beds in the country

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