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We grow squash with a seedling method

squash with a seedless method Squash in garden beds are not as frequent residents as, for example, zucchini. And it is completely in vain, because these beautiful round fruits are recommended to be eaten by nutritionists, they are especially useful for problems with the stomach and kidneys. Patissons can be cooked for every taste – both stewed and canned for the winter.

A round pumpkin is most often grown in the simplest way – by planting seeds immediately in open ground. This procedure is simple and resembles planting zucchini..

When and where to plant?

Since the squash are afraid of low temperatures, seeds should be planted no earlier than the end of May. At this time, there are usually no night frosts, and the earth is well warmed up..

Vegetable beds are placed in a sunny area. In the fall, they need to be dug up, adding rotted manure and mineral preparations (if necessary).

Acidic soil requires liming with wood ash.

Seed preparation

In order for the seeds in the garden to sprout faster, they must be prepared, that is, germinated. For this:

  1. Soak the seeds overnight in a growth stimulant.
  2. Rinse with clean water.
  3. Place a cloth or gauze folded in several layers on the bottom of the container and put the seeds on it. It is not necessary to fill with water, it is enough just to spray abundantly.
  4. Cover the container with a lid and place in a warm place with an air temperature of at least 20 degrees Celsius.

During this time, it is important to constantly wet the seeds so that they are not dry..

Germination allows not only to accelerate the germination of seeds, but also to save you from re-sowing, because in this way you can immediately see which seeds are good. If they did not sprout when soaked, then most likely they will not sprout in the garden either..

How to sow squash correctly?

It is necessary to plant sprouted seeds in the holes, observing:

  • the distance between them is 40 cm;
  • embedment depth – 5 cm.

A denser planting of squash will lead to decay of the bushes..

2 seeds are placed in one hole, if both sprout, the weaker sprout is removed. But if in the next hole there are no shoots at all, leaving two shoots is allowed.

If there has been no precipitation for a long time, and the soil is dry, the holes are watered. From above, the bed can be covered with foil until shoots appear. In the southern regions, shelter is usually not done..

Care basics

It is very simple to take care of the squash in the garden:

  1. Before flowering, once a week, water the bushes with settled water, and after it, double the frequency of watering.
  2. Weed regularly in the beds.
  3. Instead of loosening the planting, it is necessary to mulch, otherwise there is a risk of touching with a hoe and damaging the roots close to the surface of the earth.
  4. Feed the plants twice with a solution of chicken manure (before flowering and when the fruits begin to ripen).
  5. During the formation of fruits, put boards under the pumpkins so that they do not rot (in the case when the fruits are on the ground).

If the squash has grown a lot of leaves, but they do not want to bloom, it is necessary to cut off 2 lower (old) leaves on each bush. After a week, repeat the procedure..

Video about planting squash in open ground

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