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Traditional methods of dealing with aphids

fight against aphids using folk methods Aphids multiply very quickly. During the day, the aphid colony is replenished with 200 new individuals. She is able to destroy an adult plant in two weeks. Large colonies of aphids can be found on cucumbers and other vegetable crops. Due to the fact that these insects feed on the sap of the host plant, it does not yield a crop, stops its growth and, over time, may die..

Aphids, in the process of their vital activity, emit sweet honeydew, which ants feed on. It is the ants that carry the aphids to large fruit trees. This insect begins its reproduction during the flowering period of fruit crops, when bees fly out of the hives. Treatment with insecticidal preparations at this time is undesirable, therefore many use traditional methods of fighting insect pests.

Hot pepper decoction

Contact treatment is a good way to get rid of aphids. This insect does not have a shell, so a decoction of hot pepper kills aphids. A few minutes after processing, individuals that get the broth stop feeding, and then die. To prepare the broth you will need:

  • peel ten hot pepper pods;
  • crush the pepper along with the seeds;
  • boil it in a liter of water for 20 minutes, stirring;
  • let the broth brew for two hours.

After that, spraying can be carried out. In order to prolong the effect of the broth, the plant can be covered with foil. The aphids will begin to fall on the lower leaves of the plant or into the flowers, from where they need to be washed off. After several daily spraying with such a burning broth, the aphid colony will significantly decrease.

If a live aphid falls to the ground near the plant, then the insect will climb back and continue to feed on its juice, therefore it is necessary to wash off the remains of the colony from young shoots especially carefully, preferably in a container.

Processing the plant with infusion of garlic

A decoction of garlic has a strong effect on aphids. From it, insects die faster than from processing a plant with a decoction of hot pepper. After using pepper broth, the aphid colony will significantly decrease, but you will not completely get rid of the pests. A decoction of garlic is much more effective against aphids. After two weeks of regular treatments, the aphid colony will be completely destroyed. You can prepare a decoction of garlic in the same way as a decoction of hot pepper, by boiling one head of garlic in a liter of water.

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