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Installation of a pumping station on a well with drain for the winter

installation of a pumping station The installation of a pumping station is a necessary measure to provide private houses and summer cottages with water, in cases where it is not possible to connect to the central water supply. Such a plumbing system allows you to lay an extensive network and connect not only communications to it, but also household appliances.

When using the pumping system only in the summer, in the country, for example, for the winter, it is imperative to drain the water from it. This is necessary so that the system does not freeze, as this will lead to the inoperability of the station..

Station preparation for installation

Even at the stage of installing the system, you need to make sure that it is easy and simple to drain the water, as well as transport the station, if necessary, to another place

Step by step:

  1. On the wellbore, in front of the check valve, it is necessary to put a tee and screw the drain valve onto it. It is needed in order to lower water from the nozzle to the bottom of the well..
  2. Put a tap to drain the water on the pumping station itself. Usually, the factory nut is screwed in the place intended for this. But simply unscrewing its liquid is inconvenient to drain. Therefore, experts recommend unscrewing it and attaching an ordinary tap to this place, and attach a 20 cm long hose to it.Water will drain from the body through it, you just need to put any container under it.
  3. Equip a hole for filling water into the system. Typically, all water filling stations have a small hole closed with a nut. Through it, water can only be poured from a syringe, and this is inconvenient, since the aquarium can have a capacity of 1.5 liters or more. Therefore, the nut must be unscrewed and in its place put a tee at 30 – from its side hole there will be distribution to all points of the water intake, and a “glass” is attached on top to fill in the water. Its opening is wider than the standard one and you can pour liquid through it using a watering can, bottle or ladle.

At all points of attachment, you need to use an easily removable American on the gasket, it simplifies the process of dismantling the station, in case of repair or transfer of the station.

Installation of the pumping station and its connection

After carrying out preparatory work with the pumping station, you can start laying pipes, as well as connecting the pipeline to the pumping equipment. After completing the work, it is necessary to check the operability of the system – fill the station with water, open all valves and turn on the power supply. That’s it, the installation of the pumping station is over, you can start using it.

As practice shows, most often pumping systems fail due to leaving them in unheated rooms without draining water from them. It is because of this that the membrane of the hydraulic tank breaks, the oil seals are damaged and the bearings are squeezed out. Therefore, in the case of only seasonal use, the pumping station must be dismantled for the winter, drain water from it..

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