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Insecticide Decis Profi – a thunderstorm of bugs and insects in the garden and in the garden

insecticide Decis Profi What gardeners have not tried in the fight against the Colorado potato beetle, but the most popular remains the insecticide Decis Profi. Its manufacturer is the well-known Bauer Garden company. The drug has passed a number of clinical trials in 140 countries on more than 50 types of crops, confirming its effectiveness.

Characteristics of the drug

Decis Profi is produced in the form of small granules that dissolve quickly in water (for 1 kg – 250 g of the active substance deltamethrin). They are packaged either in sachets of 1 g or in bottles of 600 g.

Any other dosage or liquid form of this insecticide is counterfeit. There will be no proper effect when treated with such a drug. Decis Expert is presented in the form of a concentrated emulsion from Bauer Garden, but there is less active substance in it (150 g versus 250 g for Profi).

With the help of Decis Profi, you can protect both garden and horticultural crops from such pests:

  • Colorado beetle;
  • turnip and cabbage whites;
  • scoops;
  • fleas;
  • leaf rollers;
  • moths;
  • aphids and other representatives of sucking and gnawing insects on fruit and berry crops.

In addition, the insecticide destroys grain pests, as well as insects that spoil crops in granaries..

The drug is characterized by a quick effect and long-term contact-intestinal action. Within an hour after treatment, insects die, and the plants remain under protection for more than 2 weeks, regardless of the presence of precipitation. The consumption of the working solution is small, which is very important for large-scale treatments. On the positive side, it can also be noted that when processing plants, stains and burns do not occur. Within a month, the insecticide completely decomposes without oppressing the soil fauna and vegetation. But for bees it is toxic and less than 2 km from water bodies, the drug cannot be used.

Decis Profi can be combined with other insecticides, fungicides, and growth stimulants. The exception is alkaline drugs..

Insecticide Decis Profi: norms and methods of application

Gardeners using the drug against the Colorado potato beetle on potatoes and tomatoes note its high efficiency. But this only applies to young individuals. Old beetles and egg-laying do not die, so the plantings are processed at least 2 times. The concentration of the working solution is up to 2 g per bucket of water. Garden trees and shrubs can be sprayed with the same solution. The last treatment in the garden should be done one month before harvest. But melons, carrots and cabbage can be sprayed a couple of days before harvesting.

Insecticide Decis Profi can also be used against pests of indoor plants. But in this case, the working solution should be weak – no more than 0.1 g per 1 liter of water.

Video review of the insecticide Decis Profi

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