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How to choose a pumping station for your home

how to choose a pumping station A hydraulic pump installation is needed in order to establish a functional water supply system on your site. And sooner or later every home owner who wants to provide himself with an uninterrupted supply of water, not only for personal needs, but also for watering a lawn, a garden or a vegetable garden, thinks about how to choose a pumping station..

What is a pumping station and why is it needed

Water intake installations are capable of supplying water from different sources – it can be a well, a well, as well as a central water supply. They have different capacities, therefore it is possible to equip one hydroelectric station for several users – and everyone will have the same head in the system..

The main function of such an installation is to maintain the desired pressure level. Indeed, when you open a tap in the house, the pressure in the system drops, and the pump automatically turns on to pump water. It stops working only when the pressure returns to normal..

There are a huge number of types of pumping units. The standard consists of the following components:

  • pressure switch – automation unit;
  • pump;
  • tank for accumulation and retention of water (hydraulic accumulator).
  • Electrical engine.

How to choose a pumping station – the main criteria that you should pay attention to

Before choosing a pumping station, the user should pay attention to the following indicators:

  1. System pump power and performance. It depends on what depth and how quickly he is able to raise water..
  2. Distance of the water intake system to the water surface.
  3. The volume of water that the installation is capable of pumping over a specific period of time.
  4. Height of water rise – this indicator is very important if you need to pump water to the second or third floor of the house.
  5. Materials from which the bodies of the water intake unit, the impeller and the motor shaft are made.
  6. Accumulator volume – this indicator is important to create an adequate supply of water that can be used in the event of a power outage.
  7. Diameter of connections – the larger it is, the higher the water pressure.
  8. It is also necessary to purchase the following important accessories, without which the full operation of the unit is not possible. This is a non-return valve, a water filter and a dry run and overload protection unit.

When choosing a water intake installation, one must be guided not only by its technical capabilities. It is also necessary to take into account the productivity of the well or well and determine the total water consumption.

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