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Ways to decorate a garden on a slope

decorating a garden on a hillside The hillside garden is very decorative. In such a garden, terraces and alpine slides look favorably. However, many gardeners are trying to level the slope and make the plot level. This is the biggest mistake, because the main decoration of the garden is the slope..

The entire landscape design of the site on the slope is based on the features of the relief. You can decorate a garden located on a hill using three design techniques:

  • zoning;
  • terracing;
  • masking individual areas of the garden.

All these techniques will allow you to rationally spend space in the garden, which will make it possible to plant more ornamental and fruit trees. Let’s consider the possibilities of using these design techniques in more detail..

Garden zoning

Zones are needed on any site, but in a garden on a slope they look most beneficial. The advantage of zoning a hilly garden is that you do not need to use a large number of materials to highlight individual zones..

Due to the unevenness of the relief, all zones on the slope have already been identified by nature. The gardener can only use the irregularities of the garden for their own purposes. You should strive for visual alignment of the site in height..

Plant tall fruit trees in the hollows, tall shrubs above, and undersized plants in the highest points of the garden..

This way, you won’t shade the plants in your garden. Cascading plants are a great way to brighten up a shady area of ​​your garden.

Terracing the garden

It is not necessary to use a limited area in order to equip the seating areas in the garden. A plot on a slope allows you to equip a large number of terraces in the garden.

Terraces are a good way to artificially increase the size of the site. On the terraces, you can arrange not only recreation areas, but also ponds or landscape objects, for example, flower beds or flower beds.

Terracing can be complete or partial. Full terracing is used in gardens with a slope greater than 45 °. The terrace on such a site is a flat area located above the “cliff”. This terracing allows you to divide the garden into levels..

Partial terracing allows you to select separate areas in the garden. When using this technology, it is necessary to maintain the slope of the site. Partially terraced garden can be decorated with tall flower beds.

Masking individual areas of the site

In the lowlands of the garden, you can arrange an area with outbuildings. It is specially hidden behind trees and tall shrubs so that it does not spoil the general appearance of the garden..

Ways to decorate a garden on a slope – video

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