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DIY old table decor

DIY old table decor

Many people have old furniture at home or somewhere in the country. And more often than not, these are not expensive antiques from tsarist times, but the most ordinary wardrobes, dressers, tables and chairs. At first glance, it may seem that most of these things should be thrown away long ago, but take a closer look – often these are solid wood products or maybe even forged metal that will last more than one year if they are beautifully restored. In this article, we will talk about ways to decorate tables – kitchen, dining, coffee, work – different in size and shape..

However, many of the options presented are equally suitable for other interior items. Perhaps these examples will inspire you to turn nondescript shabby furniture into a real work of art, because it is so pleasant to contemplate the beauty made by yourself!

12 ways to give new life to an old table

1. Painting

The best way to update a dilapidated table is to paint it, but the surface needs to be prepared first. The paint and varnish remover will help to clean the product from the previous finish..

If there is rust on the metal legs or accessories, it should be moistened abundantly with vinegar, Coca-Cola or a special agent, and after 15-20 minutes wiped with a hard scraper.

The wood is sanded with sandpaper, dust is removed, then impregnated with an antiseptic and a primer is applied. All chips, cracks and irregularities are rubbed with acrylic putty on wood.

For painting, you can use alkyd enamel, acrylic or epoxy paints, varnishes, aerosol compositions for metal. You will also need painting tools – a brush, roller, sponge, spray.

To give the table a more spectacular look, you can paint it not entirely, but only individual parts. For this you will need masking tape or stencils..

Painting - DIY old table decor Painting - DIY old table decor

2. Art painting

If a plain finish seems too boring, try decorating an old table with patterns. Drawings can be applied with a brush and acrylic paints – by hand, through a stencil or along the lines made with tracing paper.

A table with artistic painting will perfectly complement an interior in ethnic or rustic style, and images of animals, fairy-tale and cartoon characters will appeal to children.

Artistic painting - DIY old table decor Artistic painting - DIY old table decor

3. Decoupage

For such a decor, you will need a brush, patterned paper napkins, PVA glue and transparent furniture varnish..

Pictures are carefully torn off or cut out with scissors, the lower layers of paper are removed, then the resulting thin applications are placed in the designated place, and coated with glue on top, trying to avoid folds and tears.

If an element cannot be attached the first time, it must be immediately wiped off with a sponge moistened with warm water, and try again with a similar fragment..

Dried decoupage is covered with transparent varnish for furniture in several layers, otherwise the paper decor will quickly be erased.

Decoupage - DIY old table decor Decoupage - DIY old table decor

4. Craquelure

Craquelure is a cracking varnish, with the help of which the product is deliberately given a look that imitates the texture of old paintings. It can be one-step (the composition is applied in one layer and cracks as it dries) and two-step (two mixtures are used – one based on epoxy resins, the second – on a water basis, they interact and a characteristic texture is obtained).

The color of the veins is determined by the bottom layer of acrylic paint as well as the shade of the grout. Most often, a powdery golden pigment or pastel is used for this purpose..

A two-step craquelure is usually complemented by decoupage or hand-painted to achieve the effect of an aged picture. One-step is more suitable for products without drawings..

Craquelure - DIY old table decor

5. Tiles

It happens that after the repair there is a small supply of ceramic tiles. It can be used to decorate an old table – just tile a wooden base with tiles. The laying technology in this case practically does not differ from wall or floor decoration..

The ceramic surface is ideal for a table in the kitchen, terrace, porch, gazebo or even outdoors.

To give the table an attractive look, in addition to plain tiles, it is worth using patterned borders, decorative panels (perhaps even with some subjects) or stylish patchwork.

Ceramic tiles - DIY old table decor

6. Mosaic

Small fragment paintings decorate many galleries, temples and palaces. They will look just as elegant in the house, for example, on the surface of coffee tables..

Mosaic elements can be ceramic (even broken tiles are suitable), glass or acrylic.

From the materials at hand, small round wood cuts, cut CDs, colored pebbles are suitable. It is enough just to come up with an interesting pattern and attach the pieces to the table with glue or liquid nails.

Mosaic - DIY old table decor Mosaic - DIY old table decor

7. Self-adhesive film

The simplest and most beautiful option for decorating an old table that does not require fiddling with paints is gluing a film.

This affordable material can mimic any surface – from rare woods to marble, it can have any kind of patterns, patterns and textures..

Self-adhesive film is on sale in rolls, and it is easy and pleasant to use it.

Self-adhesive film - DIY old table decor Self-adhesive film - DIY old table decor

8. Decorative tape

In the stores of stationery and goods for creativity, a wide selection of decorative self-adhesive tapes has recently been presented. It will take you no more than 30-40 minutes to decorate the old table with multi-colored tape, and a new bright thing will appear in the interior..

If you want to change the finish, the adhesive strips can be removed just as quickly, and if glue remains somewhere, acetone will dissolve it without any problems..

Decorative tape - DIY old table decor Decorative tape - DIY old table decor

9. Epoxy resin

Epoxy is a liquid substance that hardens quickly in the open air, turning into a hard transparent plastic.

Cracks in wood filled in this way look very unusual, and if you add luminescent powder to the liquid phase, they will glow brightly in the dark.

Also, dried flowers, leaves, shells, coins can be placed in epoxy resin, and due to the transparency of the substance, you get the effect of ice or amber.

Epoxy resin - DIY old table decor

10. Decor under glass

An original decoration of a table for the living room will turn out if you make a recess inside it, placing any thematic decor there (sand with shells and starfish, moss or miniature cacti, Christmas balls and branches, small car models, beads, etc.), and close the top with transparent glass.

Decor under glass - DIY old table decor Decor under glass - DIY old table decor

11. Painting through tulle

Painting the table through tulle should be done over the base layer with a pigment of a contrasting color. Before this, the lace must be firmly fixed to the surface so that it does not move and there is no gap. For the same reason, it is advisable to use an aerosol or spray bottle..

Painting through tulle - DIY old table decor

12. Potal (gilding)

Gold monograms are a wonderful decoration for a table in a classic style. They can be stencilled with glittering acrylic paint, but a more realistic effect can be obtained with overlay. In essence, it is the finest foil imitating precious metals used for artistic purposes..

So that the gilding does not crumble, it is covered with a transparent varnish on top..

Potal (gilding) - DIY old table decor

DIY table decoration (Video)

A small video master class on how to decorate an old table with your own hands, creating an unusual lace print on its surface.

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