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Reproduction of cyclamen by seeds – a chance to leave a worthy change

reproduction of cyclamen by seeds Experts say that, unlike large varieties, small ones do not fall into a dormant period. To get such an instance, a florist should spend time propagating cyclamen by seeds. First, they wait until the seed boxes are ripe. Moreover, their shell should not have time to completely crack. They are picked and left to ripen in a paper napkin..

Nothing is easier than propagating cyclamen by seeds

Pollination is carried out in several ways. One of the simplest is to click on a flower. Other agronomists use a brush, feather or cotton swab to transfer pollen from one bud to another.

Fallen petals indicate when the seeds were harvested. The boxes begin to crack and crumble. In this case, you need to catch the moment in time. Seeds sown on seedlings germinate well. After a year, they give less abundant flowering..

Fading flower stalks, which do not contain grains, are simply removed. The stem is “twisted” out of the bush.

There is nothing complicated in the process of reproduction of cyclamen by seeds. The grains are soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate or “Zircon” for 16 hours. Prepare a substrate from peat and vermiculite / deciduous soil. Drainage is made at the bottom of the container. Seeds are laid out on wet ground and sprinkled with earth.

In another case, 1 cm holes are made. Seedlings are planted in separate cups only at 3-4 months of life, when 2-3 leaves appear. It is these seedlings that are regularly moisturized. The specimens that have reached the age of one begin to look after, like adults..

Five-year experience of a florist

Of course, each region has its own characteristics of growing and caring for a flower. However, it has been observed that the culture cannot stand hot weather. It fades quickly and later fades. Therefore, many make it a rule to spray the bush 2-3 times a day, covering the flowers. The procedure is continued even in the cold period.

Foliage is often deformed from spider mites. You can fight it with a detergent. Hands are lathered with household, liquid or ordinary soap, and then thoroughly rub each hotel sheet and rinse.

Sometimes the leaves can be too large and also defective. This often happens when cyclamen propagates by seeds. However, they are not removed. After all, this is how a full-fledged photosynthesis is ensured. As a result, thanks to, as it seems, a flaw, the bush will receive a sufficient supply of energy and nutrients. Among other things, it is important that:

  • the flowerpot periodically dried out, after which the soil should be moistened either along the edge of the pot, or over the entire surface of the soil;
  • the light fell on the plant scattered;
  • the gap between the tuber and the container wall was about 2 cm;
  • after the culture has faded, it was transplanted into a new fertile soil.

Some people prefer to use organic fertilizers. However, there is often no need to make them. At the same time, the rosette of leaves will develop evenly if you turn it towards the sun..

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