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We sprout strawberries for growing on the windowsill

strawberries on the windowsill Many gardeners in the winter only grow seedlings for the next planting season. But few people know that fruit-bearing plants can be grown on the windowsill. Instead of the usual green flowers, you can plant strawberry or other berry bushes in the pot. Of course, only remontant varieties of strawberries or strawberries are suitable for growing on the windowsill. It is best to grow varieties specially bred for greenhouse conditions. Choosing the right variety – 80% success when growing plants on a windowsill. When choosing a strawberry variety, pay attention to its shade tolerance. Strawberries must tolerate strong shade, as in winter the plants will not have enough sunlight..

The lack of light can be compensated for by backlighting. Use only fluorescent fluorescent lamps, only then the strawberry bush will be able to enter the fruiting period.

Preparing seedlings for planting in a pot

The strawberries must be germinated before being planted in a pot. For this, the seeds are placed in a damp cotton wool. When the seeds hatch, they are placed in containers made of plastic bags. To prepare these containers, it is necessary to make a cylinder from cardboard or thick paper. A plastic bag must be wrapped around the cylinder with an interference fit..

Better to use cellophane in rolls.

Bottom, the edges of the bag must be folded and fastened with tape. Then you need to remove the resulting container from the cardboard blank and fill it with a fertile mixture. To grow strawberries, wood ash, sand, peat and neutral soil are mixed. Then one germinated seed is planted in such containers. Cellophane rolls are placed in a pot or bowl and placed on a windowsill. The soil is moistened by spraying it with warm water from a spray bottle. It is necessary to moisten the soil every two days, spraying each roll with sprouted seeds.

To prevent direct sunlight from harming the seven-leafed leaves, place the container in partial shade on the southwest window.

After a month, the strawberry seedlings will be ready for planting in a pot. Strawberries will have two true leaves by this time. If strawberries have enough light on the windowsill during cultivation, the leaves will be dark green. If the leaves are light green, place the pot with the transplanted plant on the south window and increase its daylight hours by 4 hours using the backlight. When the leaves turn dark green, the lamp can be removed..

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