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Breeding methods for aloe

reproduction of aloe Growing aloe is not troublesome. Providing it with good lighting, and avoiding waterlogging, you can soon get a powerful tree or a compact lush bush, depending on the type of plant. It is also not difficult to propagate this useful flower, especially since this can be done in several ways..

It is possible to get a new plant using:

  • seeds;
  • leaves;
  • cuttings;
  • tops;
  • kids.

Regardless of the method used, start breeding aloe in early spring. Cut tops, leaves and cuttings must be dried, leaving them for several hours.

Features of seed reproduction

Not all growers are taken to grow aloe from seeds, since it takes much longer than other methods, and also requires more attention. But this is a great opportunity to get a lot of young bushes at once and provide yourself and loved ones with a medicinal flower..

For sowing seeds, a moisture-permeable substrate should be used, consisting of 2 parts of sand and 1 part of rotted leaf soil. It will be easy for seeds to break through to the surface..

The prepared substrate is poured into shallow bowls with drainage holes. Seeds are laid out on top and lightly sprinkled with them. The pots with the sown seeds are not watered, but placed in a tray with water. When the soil is saturated with moisture, the containers are removed and covered with foil. In the future, the crops are sprayed. In phase 2, true aloe leaves are dived into a separate bowl.

How to get a new plant from a leaf?

For reproduction, a large healthy leaf is used by tearing it off. It is undesirable to cut, so as not to damage the sheet plate, when torn off, the sheet will remain intact.

Plant a leaf in a small pot of sand (wet), setting it with its lower end and at an angle. When it is rooted, transplant into nutrient mixture.

Propagation by cuttings

As cuttings, you can use the plant stem, divided into fragments no more than 15 cm long. In addition, in some varieties (for example, the tree-like aloe), shoots form on the main shoot. They can also be cut as close to the mother stem as possible and rooted..

How to cut off the top for rooting?

To make the cut site even, it is better to use a sharp knife and cut off the top of an adult flower with one movement of your hand..

The cut off top must have at least 5 leaves.

After drying, the top is rooted in the sand with its further transplant into the ground..

How to seat children?

It is most convenient to separate the children (root underground shoots) when transplanting aloe. You can also just carefully cut them off with a knife without removing the adult flower from the pot, but there is a high probability of damaging both plants..

Root babies in water or soil. However, it has been noticed from practice that it is best to immediately put the baby in the ground. Like many other plants that accumulate water reserves in leaf plates, aloe can rot if it is in water for a long time..

Reproduction of aloe by children – video

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