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How to plant a graceful fern – maidenhair

how to plant maidenhair One of the most beautiful species of maidenhair fern is easily grown at home. Despite the external fragility of the plant, it takes root very well and quickly grows deciduous mass. But in order for the fern to soon please with tender young twigs, and not sit in a pot without signs of growth, it is necessary to responsibly approach its planting.

When planting the maidenhair, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • selection of a container of suitable size;
  • seedling preparation;
  • selection and preparation of soil.

What kind of pot does a young bush need?

Most often, maidenhair propagates at home by bush cuttings. What are they? These are several low young shoots that have formed their own root system. The branches of this fern variety are very thin, and the roots are small, fibrous, and there are a lot of them. But the young maidenhair does not yet need a too large and deep pot, a small capacity is enough.

What soil is suitable for growing maidenhair?

When choosing a soil, it should be borne in mind that the fern loves moisture, so the earth should allow water to pass through well, while not retaining it. The loose universal substrate from the store is not very suitable for the maidenhair – it is too light, and the water can stand on the surface for a long time during watering, and even if it gets the soil wet, it will dry out for a long time. Clean garden soil, in turn, is very heavy and also retains moisture for a long time.

The most optimal soil option for maidenhair will be a soil mixture of 2 parts of the substrate and 1 part of garden soil with the addition of sand (1 part).

How to plant a plant?

Delenki purchased or taken from an adult bush must be prepared for planting. First of all, carefully inspect the roots, and if rotten or dry ones are found, cut them out.

To help the plant take root and give it strength, you can lightly spray the roots (to keep them slightly damp) and dip them in wood ash..

Now you can start planting. It is imperative to put drainage (pebbles, expanded clay) at the bottom of the pot so that the water does not stagnate. Add a couple of tablespoons of ash and pour in the prepared soil mixture (up to half the flowerpot). Make a depression in the center and carefully insert the maidenhair cut into it, straightening the roots. Sprinkle on top of the earth, crush it well with your fingers around the bush. Good spill.

Landing maidenhair – video

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