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A burning question of summer residents: how to properly feed blueberries?

how to feed blueberries correctly All plants need nutrients from the soil. Therefore, many are interested in how to properly feed blueberries. This question most often arises after the next frost or in pursuit of a high-quality harvest. Practice shows that the introduction of fertilizers (on time and in a suitable dosage) contributes to the restoration of the basic life processes of the culture..

If you dissolve organic products in water, the roots absorb them faster. Thus, all the needs of the weakened shrub are satisfied..

Features of how to feed blueberries correctly

The task of the farmer is to provide the plant with sufficient energy, as well as provide it with a humid microclimate. Under these conditions, it is easier for the roots to absorb the necessary micronutrients. The first step is to create a mulching covering around the bush. For these purposes, materials are used that grow in the natural habitat of blueberries. In the forest, she gets:

  • bark or compost from it;
  • red high-moor peat;
  • sawdust;
  • dried grass straw;
  • sand.

All components are thoroughly mixed so that the resulting 10-centimeter “pillow” is better for moisture permeability. The space around the bush is covered with an airy substrate..

The thicker the layer of mulch, the longer the moisture stays underneath and nourishes the crop. Therefore, some people cover the area with an air layer, the height of which is 20 cm.

Preparation of nutritional infusions

At home, they make special infusions for watering the beds. A large barrel is 2/3 filled with weeds. The remaining volume is made up with water. Add one of the proposed fermentation components to the tank:

  • peat;
  • compost;
  • old leaven left over from the last time.

You need to make very little of such concentrates, literally one handful. At the same time, ash and compost are excluded from this list. The container is covered with a lid and left in the sun. After 1.5-2 weeks, mulch is poured with a solution. Other recipes and methods for how to properly feed blueberries include:

  1. Super-concentrate of peat. A two hundred liter barrel is filled with 1/3 red high-moor peat and filled with water. Infusion is used to treat seedlings, as well as adult bushes (2 watering cans each), but only after preliminary watering.
  2. Sowing siderates. In agriculture, it is recommended to use white mustard, clover, oil radish, phacelia and lupins. After planting herbaceous plants in the soil, it is saturated with so many components that the gonobels (another name) no longer need additional fertilizers..

Such organic matter grows very quickly on the site. Oily secretions of crops “scare away” pathogenic microorganisms, and also suppress harmful weeds. Moreover, such green manure wonderfully loosen the soil. After such an informative essay, every gardener knows exactly how to properly feed blueberries in order to get a decent harvest..

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