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The most beautiful cacti for your home

beautiful cactus Not everyone loves cacti, but there are examples among them that make flower growers forget about their unwillingness to grow them. Let’s take a look at these most amazing succulent plants in order to choose the right flower for you, because they are very easy to grow. What other indoor plant can wait for its owner from a long vacation without suffering from lack of watering and even surprising it with flowering?

Rainbow echinocactus

Already from the name of the plant, it becomes clear that the main cactus color (green) is not its main advantage. The cactus itself has quite familiar, rounded and fleshy, forms, but its fluffy surface casts a delicate pink color. It also prevails during flowering, when large curly inflorescences with a yellow center open on the succulent.

Echinocactus is very resistant to dry air, but will not refuse to spray with warm water.

Strauss’s Cleistocactus

This very original and very “furry” cactus grows in the form of a column, which is completely covered with spines and white hairs. Their length reaches 1 cm, making it seem that the plant is white and fluffy..

A feature of the variety is its inflorescences, similar to long pink tubes that do not open..


Small round cacti do not have thorns. Initially, when grown from seed, young plants have thorns, but they are very small and weak. When the flower matures, the thorns completely crumble and the trunk becomes bare..

The species is characterized by very slow growth, some cacti reach a diameter of 12 cm only after 50 years.


The second name of the plant is the head of a jellyfish. It received it for its original shape: the lower part of the flower is round, and long branches are attached to it from above..

Hilocereus wavy

One of the largest cacti, it has long, tetrahedral shoots with a wavy edge. The flowers are also large, up to 35 cm long, of a very unusual shape:

  • the peduncle smoothly turns into an inflorescence, stratifying along the edges into long narrow petals of a yellow-green color;
  • the middle of the flower consists of several tiers of petals, with the outermost ones painted white, and the inner ones yellow.

The highlight of the variety is a strong vanilla aroma emanating from the inflorescences.

Blossfeldia tiny

The smallest cactus in the world, the diameter of which does not exceed 1.3 cm. Outwardly it looks like small grayish stones. Blooms in summer and pollinates itself.

Video review of interesting cacti

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