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Cooking an awesome casserole with potatoes and Bechamel sauce

casserole with potatoes and Bechamel sauce Mashed potatoes, delicate Bechamel sauce, fried vegetables and meat under a layer of melted cheese. These casseroles are reminiscent of a full lunch or dinner. There is only one difference. The hostess does not serve the dish in different plates, but in one. Lunch is a success, as the combination of crushed potatoes and pork has always been a gourmet welcome.

Cooking one, two, three

The first step is to clean the root vegetables. A kilogram for a family will be enough. Cut into medium-sized pieces and send to cook until tender. After that, it must be kneaded by adding butter. If desired, cut fresh dill there.

Mashed potatoes are made semi-dry. Other foods that are fried in a pan will add juiciness to the dish..

Delicate shades of Béchamel

The pan is heated and left on the lowest heat. Melt 50 g of butter on it. Pour 4 tbsp into it. l. flour, stirring thoroughly with a spatula. When it acquires a copper hue, milk is injected (up to 500 ml). First, add a little liquid, and then pour out the rest. For stirring, take a whisk, in the end there will be no lumps. As soon as the mass becomes homogeneous, it is seasoned:

  • salt;
  • ground pepper;
  • nutmeg.

Now pour the sauce into a plate to cool it down. It is important to stir the paste periodically. Then a crust will not form on the surface..

Getting juicy meat

Chop two medium or one large onion. It is mixed with chopped garlic. You can take several teeth. Send vegetables to the pan. When they turn golden brown and let the juice out, they pour out to them:

  • chopped meat (600 g);
  • diced bell pepper;
  • spices (salt and other seasonings).

Fat lovers should give preference to pork. Especially juicy is the neck.

Any casserole is seasoned with cheese. For this recipe, use 200 g of solid fermented milk product. It is better to grate it on a coarse grater so that when baking, the layer lies as evenly as possible, without gaps.

The last sketch

Hot mashed potatoes are spread on the bottom of the gosper. The top layer is smoothed out nicely to create an almost glossy finish. It is covered with fried meat and vegetables, evenly distributing the ingredients. The cooled Béchamel sauce is spread before shaving with grated cheese shavings..

This dish is easy and simple to experiment with. Some put sun-dried tomatoes on a layer of vegetables. They give food a spicy taste.

At this point, the oven should already be well preheated. The dish can be baked for both 20 and 30 minutes. The hostess needs to control the process. Only the cheese will melt and turn the color of gold, the gosper is taken out.

The casserole must be decorated with herbs. In this case, feathers of young onions are used. They will dilute the dish with freshness and original aroma. It is recommended to eat it hot. Nevertheless, when it cools, it does not lose its attractiveness..

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