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Video: how to grow cucumber seedlings

seedlings of cucumbers Cucumbers are a common and favorite vegetable on the table and in the garden. To get an early harvest of cucumbers, it is better to grow them from pre-prepared seedlings..

How to grow healthy and strong seedlings of cucumbers will be told by Alexander Krot – the author of the video and an experienced amateur gardener.

For faster and better germination, Alexander recommends germinating seeds on a damp rag for 1-3 days.

It is better to plant cucumbers for seedlings in plastic cups with a sprout length of no more than 3 to 5 mm. Sowing is carried out to a depth of a centimeter and a half, after which the soil is thoroughly moistened.

If everything is done correctly, then seed germination occurs on 3-4 days, then the seedlings need regular watering and spraying with warm water, sufficient lighting and systematic feeding.

Hardening of seedlings begins a week or two before planting in open ground, the time of contact of plants with open air is gradually increased – from 15-20 minutes at first to several hours later.

As a result, the seedlings should turn out to be strong with short internodes, colored dark green and with a developed rhizome. Good-quality seedlings are the key to the health and stability of plants, as well as a large and high-quality harvest in your country house and garden!

Master class for growing cucumber seedlings (video)

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