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How to make Kalanchoe bloom

delicate flowering Kalanchoe In most cases, new plants from florists appear by purchasing a young bush in the store, while many tend to choose an already flowering plant, because this way you can see all the beauty and features of the variety. This is especially true of decorative flowering plants, in particular Kalanchoe, which have a variety of shades of inflorescences.

At the same time, a situation often arises when the Kalanchoe, blooming at the time of purchase, refuses to do this at home in the next season. Outwardly, the plant is absolutely healthy, actively grows a leafy cap, but does not lay flower buds.

To make the Kalanchoe bloom, you need to create the right conditions for it:

  • lighting;
  • temperature regime;
  • watering.

Daylight hours and temperature conditions

The flower loves good lighting, so the northern windowsill is clearly not for him. In the summer, it is advisable to take the pot outside or put it on the balcony..

Flower buds in Kalanchoe are laid only in conditions of low temperature and short daylight hours. In the fall, it is good to keep the flowerpot outside until the first frost. Thus, the Kalanchoe will have conditions that are as close as possible to natural.

In winter, the flower pot should be placed by the window pane, where the temperature is usually lower..

For bud formation, the ideal night length should be 12-14 hours. If possible, the Kalanchoe should be placed in a room where the lighting will be natural: the sun is shining during the day, and the light is not often turned on in the evening. If this is not possible, the flower can be covered every evening with a dark bag that does not allow light to pass through. Take off shelter in the morning.

Watering frequency

Since Kalanchoe is a succulent, it is able to accumulate moisture in its leaves and stem. For this reason, the plant does not tolerate abundant and frequent watering, and stagnant moisture in a pot or pallet can be destructive for it..

It is necessary to water the flower only after the earthen coma has completely dried.

After the Kalanchoe has faded, it is recommended to shorten the shoots a little so that the bush begins to branch and takes on a beautiful shape. The resulting cuttings can be used for propagation. Flowers that have faded should also be cut off with scissors, because they themselves only dry out, but do not fall off.

What to do if Kalanchoe does not bloom – video

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