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Poultry farming: what to do to ensure that chickens lay eggs in winter?

laying hens in cages With the arrival of winter and a decrease in air temperature in poultry farming, such a problem often arises as a decrease in the egg production of laying hens. As you know, in order for chickens to lay eggs, in winter they need an insulated room with a warm floor. As insulation on the floor, you can use a litter made of sawdust or straw. However, this is not the only condition. The presence of ventilation also affects the egg production of chickens. In addition, special attention should be paid to the selection of feed for chickens, including the presence of vitamin supplements..

How to feed hens in winter?

In order for chickens not only to “eat up” the weight, but also to continue to lay eggs, they need to be provided with adequate nutrition. It is good to use for these purposes:

  • barley;
  • oats;
  • chicken feed in granules;
  • wheat;
  • a mash of crushed grain (wheat, barley, oats and sunflower meal).

Homemade vitamin supplements for layers

One of the most affordable vitamin supplements is sprouted grain. In the poultry industry, the sprouting of oats, barley or wheat is practiced, but most farmers prefer the latter..

In addition, wheat bran is also good as a top dressing. With the help of yeast, you can prepare a useful additive from them:

  1. Dissolve a small pack of fresh yeast in 10 liters of water, let stand for an hour.
  2. Add wheat bran in sufficient quantity to form a thick mass like dough. Leave on for another 2 hours.

The resulting mass must be given to layers no more than 2 times a week..

During the addition of wheat bran dressings, there must always be water in the hen house, otherwise the chickens may clog their beaks..

Shop preparations for feeding chickens

Of the purchased vitamin complexes for adding to the chicken diet, the most effective is the use of Undevit vitamins. The drug is intended for humans, however, chickens react very well to it. Vitamins must be added to a drinking bowl with water: dissolve 2 tablets in 10 liters of water. Frequency of application – 2 times a week.

In the poultry industry, the preparation Ryabushka is also known. It is a mineral and vitamin supplement specially for laying hens, which increases egg production and quality of eggs. It must be added to the main food (feed or grain) at the rate of no more than 0.5 g per head. The daily dose must be fed in 1 morning feed. At the same time, it is imperative to provide the chickens with a container with water..

Winter diet for laying hens – video

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