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How to prepare propolis tincture at home

propolis tincture To make propolis tincture as healthy and fortified as possible, it is recommended to cook it at home. The preparation of this solution is not too difficult, but if you know the intricacies of the procedure and the details of its preparation, you can achieve a good, and most importantly, useful result. First of all, for the manufacture of a quality product, you need to take care of quality ingredients for its preparation..

What products are propolis tincture prepared from

To prepare this product, the following components are needed (the calculation is indicated for a 20% solution):

  • propolis – 20 g;
  • 95% medical alcohol – 100 g.

In order to determine a high-quality and natural product and distinguish it from a fake when buying propolis from unfamiliar beekeepers, you need to lower a piece of propolis into a glass of plain water. A quality product should sink immediately, sinking instantly to the bottom. A bad product can float on the surface or in the water column, since it contains more impurities than resins.

Cooking recipe with step-by-step description of the stages

Tincture of propolis is prepared according to this recipe:

  1. Propolis is measured, crushed, preferably into powder or at least into small crumbs.
  2. Pick up a glass or plastic container with a volume of 100-150 ml for this portion, wash it and dry it.
  3. Pour propolis (powder) into a container, add alcohol.
  4. Close the container hermetically, stir the solution by stirring.
  5. It is advisable to stir the solution until the powder dissolves completely or almost completely.
  6. The bottle is allowed to stand at room temperature for a week. 2-3 times a day throughout the entire infusion period, the liquid in the bottle must be stirred. After 7-10 days, using a mini-filter made of gauze, cotton pad or other tool, the solution is filtered.
  7. The strained solution is placed in a dark glass bottle and placed in the refrigerator.

The shelf life of the solution under the above conditions is 3-4 years..

This solution can be used externally as an iodine substitute. Tincture accelerates wound healing, has antimicrobial properties. Can be used to gargle with colds.

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