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How to check the naturalness of honey

checking honey for naturalness Natural honey is sold at beekeeping fairs. There are several ways to check the naturalness of a product. The density of honey is the primary sign of its naturalness. Honey should drain from the spoon in a uniform stream and lay down in a container in a slide.

Natural honey has no expiration date, therefore, if stored properly, it will not deteriorate for a very long time. Pottery is the most suitable for storing honey, and it can also be stored in wooden pots. Glass is not suitable for storing honey, as it lets in direct sunlight.

When exposed to direct sunlight on honey, vitamins break down, due to which the product loses some of its beneficial properties. Storage in plastic is unacceptable, as honey corrodes it. When stored in plastic containers, honey becomes poisonous on the fifth day..

There are several signs by which you can determine the naturalness of honey:

  • skin reaction;
  • flower shades in taste;
  • reflection of honeycomb in water.

The beekeeper will always tell you about the principles of choosing honey before selling his products..

Skin reaction to honey

If honey is natural, then after being applied to the skin, its drop does not spread. Rub the honey on the back of your hand. After ten minutes, the honey is absorbed into the skin. There should be no sticky mark on the back of the hand.

If the skin turns red or after rubbing there is a sticky mark, then the honey is diluted with sugar syrup or obtained artificially.

Floral notes in the taste of honey

If you taste honey with a teaspoon, a slight burning sensation will begin in the mouth, and you will not be able to recognize the taste of the product. Try small portions of honey, such as a food skewer or toothpick. This way you can feel the floral notes in the taste of honey..

If the honey is sugared, take a small piece and place it on your tongue. After about three minutes, the honey should melt. It will have an astringent effect on the tongue. Counterfeit product has a distinct sweetener flavor.

Reflection of honeycomb in water

There is a phenomenon that scientists call “Biological memory”. Take a deep bowl and place a drop of honey in it. Pour cold water over honey. If it is natural, then it will not dissolve in cold water.

Take the container out into the sun and start shaking the water. After a few seconds, a reflection of the honeycomb will appear in the water, from which the honey was selected. If starch, flour has been added to the product or it has been obtained chemically, the reflection of the honeycomb in the water will not appear.

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