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Three ways to reproduce fruit trees

breeding method for fruit trees Fruit trees produce large yields of fruit, which is why many gardeners want to propagate them on their site. Vaccinations do not always take root on the rootstock, so novice gardeners can use other methods of propagation..

There are three main ways to reproduce fruit trees, besides grafting:

  • propagation by cuttings;
  • layering;
  • by the method of artificial formation of roots on the branches.

These propagation methods provide a high survival rate for new seedlings. At the same time, the new planting material fully retains all the properties of the mother tree, which is very important for the reproduction of a certain variety of fruit trees..

Propagation of fruit trees by cuttings

Cuttings for propagation of fruit trees are harvested in the fall during crown formation. You can store cuttings deep-frozen in the freezer or plant them in pots. This way, you will form healthy seedlings, which you can then transplant outdoors in the summer..

To obtain new seedlings, the method of green cuttings is also used..

Cuttings should be planted in partial shade and watered well. Several pegs are driven in near the cuttings, onto which a white cloth is pulled. Thus, a miniature greenhouse is created. When the cuttings have a root system, they are transplanted to a sunny place and complex mineral fertilizers and rotted cow dung are introduced into the near-trunk circle of the seedling.

With this reproduction, the survival rate of cuttings is 70% of the total amount of planting material..

Propagation of fruit trees by layering

In order to get new plants guaranteed, use the method of propagation of fruit trees by layering. Select the bottom branch of a mature fruit tree and peel the bark from it in a circle. This process is called banding..

Ringing slows down the drainage of nutrients from the cuttings, which increases the rate of root formation. In order for the process of root formation to begin, bend the branch to the ground and cover the “ring” with earth.

In three months, the formation of the root system will begin, and next summer it will be possible to separate the seedling from the mother plant and transplant to a new place. The survival rate of seedlings with this method of reproduction is 100%.

Artificial root formation at the branch

If it is not possible to bend the branch to the ground, make a hole in the plastic bag and place the bag on a straight branch, and then fill the bag with soil. Tie the bag loosely, providing air access to the branch, slightly moisten the soil. After the roots are formed, separate the seedling with pruning shears and transplant to a new place..

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