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Rabbit meat breeds

family of rabbits in a cage Many gardeners find rabbit breeding to be a very profitable business. But, as in any business, rabbit breeding has its own secrets and nuances. According to statistics, novice rabbit breeders lose their livestock in the second year due to improper housing conditions and the wrong breed choice. It is worth remembering that there are two main rules for rabbit breeding: rabbits do not tolerate drafts; the cells must always be clean. Read about DIY rabbit cages!

All breeds of rabbits can be divided into three categories: fur, meat – fur and fur rabbit breeds. If you are a novice rabbit breeder, then it is worth starting breeding with the so-called broiler meat breeds or giant rabbits. Two of the most unpretentious meat breeds in terms of keeping conditions are the “California rabbits” and the “Gray Giant” breed. After some time, when the rabbit breeder gains experience, you can move on to breeding the White Giant breed.

“California” rabbits

The Californian breed is considered the most profitable meat breed in rabbit breeding, but Californian rabbits are often bred for decorative purposes. Rabbits of this breed, like all giant rabbits, are ready for mating in 6.5 months. The female gives birth to 7-9 rabbits. 4 offspring can be made per year.

A two-month-old Californian rabbit weighs 3 kg. The rabbits are ready for slaughter in 4 months. At this age, rabbits weigh between 8 kg and 10 kg, but they build muscle mass until the age of one. After 4 months of life, rabbits begin to eat more intensively, and weight gain slows down. The weight fraction of meat is 55% of the total weight of the rabbit, the liver of a rabbit usually weighs 300-400 grams.

“Gray giant”

Rabbits of the “Gray Giant” breed are considered meat – fur. They are kept for 4 months, since, unlike the “California” rabbits, the “Gray Giants” stop growing at the 5th month of life. The rabbits are ready for the first mating in 5 months. The female gives birth to 4-7 rabbits. Females become pregnant only during the hunting season. The “Gray Giants” hunt period lasts 2 months. The first period is winter, from January to March. The second is summer, from July to August.

For mating, place the female in the male’s cage, and in no case not vice versa. Otherwise, the male may kill the rabbit..

The weight of the carcass of the “Gray Giant” is 3 kg. The liver usually weighs 100-250 grams.

“White giants”

Rabbits of the White Giant breed are considered broilers. Their live weight at 4 months is 10-14 kg, a rabbit carcass weighs from 6 to 8 kg. Rabbit liver weighs 500 grams. The “White Giant” is susceptible to coccidiosis. Rabbits that have had coccidiosis cannot reproduce, so it is necessary to prevent this disease. The female gives birth to 10 rabbits in one okrol.

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