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Keeping cows in a private subsidiary farm

keeping cows Cows are very large animals. They give a lot of milk, but the owners of private subsidiary farms rarely have them. There is an opinion among people that a cow will give the owners a lot of trouble, because you need to milk the animal three times a day..

Indeed, manual milking is time-consuming and not always sterile. With the development of technologies in private subsidiary farms, milking machines have appeared, which greatly facilitate the process of obtaining milk..

Before buying a cow, every farmer should purchase a milking machine. This is an expensive technique, but it saves a lot of time that can be spent on caring for the livestock..

Sanitary conditions of detention

In Russia, you cannot buy a cow without completing all sanitary documents. If a farmer wants to purchase an animal, he must obtain permission from the veterinary service..

After applying for a purchase, the veterinarian must examine the animal and take all the necessary tests. It takes two months to get results. At this time, a specialist of the veterinary service conducts an inspection of the premises where the livestock of cows will be kept.

For stall keeping, wooden or metal stalls are used. The width of each should be at least 1.3 m.In this case, the cows will feel comfortable.

The barn floor should be soft. As a bedding, special mats for cattle are used, which are sprinkled with hay and sawdust. For a personal subsidiary farm with the possibility of selling surplus products every three months, it is necessary to carry out analyzes:

  • for tuberculosis;
  • leukemia;
  • borciliasis.

In the event that the cow passes all the tests, the farmer will be given permission to sell agricultural products..

Milking a cow

Before milking, the udder of each cow is treated with a special solution to remove the microflora. Then the milking machine is connected to the udder. Milk enters the can through a sealed tube, so it remains sterile and does not turn sour for up to ten days.

After the end of milking, the udder is sealed with an iodine solution. With balanced feeding, each cow is capable of producing up to 40 liters of milk per day. Hay and silage are used in equal proportions as the basis of the fodder base. On average, a cow eats 50 kg of feed per day.

Cow keeping – video

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