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Poultry keeping: keeping adult quails

adult quails in cages In poultry farming, it is customary to call quails as adults from the moment they begin to lay eggs. At this stage, it is important to provide the bird with the proper conditions, which include:

  • equipped cages;
  • a room for protection from the wind;
  • nutritious diet.

Quail cages

In quail poultry, the most optimal options for keeping poultry are cage batteries made of wooden boards. The front doors can be made of fine mesh. They are lined up in rows of several floors, the maximum height of the cage (one floor) is no more than 45 cm.This is very convenient when serving quails..

The cages must be provided with lighting in the evening. It is advisable to protect the bulbs with a fine mesh.

Feeders and drinkers should be placed in each cage, while the drinkers should be covered with a coarse net on top – so that the quails can stick their heads, but not get completely wet. Pour a small layer of sawdust on the bottom of the cage.

One cage measuring 160 x 60 cm can contain up to 60 birds, while adjusting the ratio of boys and girls. If home breeding of quails is not planned, a heterosexual bird should generally be divided into separate cages..

Laying hens and boy quails for fattening should be kept separately. If you do not install a net for rolling eggs, the quails rush in the cage..

Quail room

It is recommended to put the cage batteries indoors – it will protect the bird from drafts, and it will be more comfortable there. If you plan to keep quails year-round, the room must be warm..

In the barn, it is necessary to provide for the presence of a window so that the bird has access to sunlight during the day.

In the warm season, the door to the room must be opened for ventilation. When the air temperature drops with the arrival of autumn, the door is kept closed, opening it only for ventilation. A net is placed on the doorway to protect it from the entry of other birds and animals.

Adult quail diet

For feeding hens in quail poultry farming, a separate feed is provided in the form of a special compound feed. It is recommended to mix it with ground grain:

  • corn;
  • wheat.

To prepare feed, add 1 part of a mixture of ground corn and wheat to 2 parts of compound feed. The same compound feed can be used to feed not only layers, but also the rest of the bird. In addition, the quail diet should also contain greens (various herbs, cabbage).

Content of adult quails – video

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