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Compatibility and symbiosis of fruit trees

garden in the country Many orchards grow different types of fruit trees. Planting fruit trees nearby, without taking into account their compatibility with each other, means many times to reduce the yield of all types of trees.

The number of fruits decreases for several reasons:

  1. Two types of trees use the same chemical compounds to form fruit.
  2. The root system of fruit trees is located in the same plane with each other.
  3. When planting trees, the required distance was not observed.

Consider the principles of tree compatibility.

Pear and apple compatibility

The apple tree is a versatile fruit tree. All other plants grow well next to it, including the nut, which does not “get along” with any other tree species. The fruiting of an apple tree, in turn, is well influenced by a pear. Its root system releases unique chemicals needed to form apples..

Cherry and cherry grow well next to the pear, and the pear itself suffers from such a neighborhood, because the roots of these trees are woven into the root system of the pear and oppress the tree.

If the pear has not been bearing fruit for a long time, and you plan to uproot it, plant young cherry seedlings nearby. They will develop well, and the root system of the pear will gradually dry out. A tree with a depressed root system will be easier to remove. If you plan to increase the fruiting of a pear, plant an apple tree next to it..

Cherry and sweet cherry compatibility

The growth of cherries and sweet cherries, as well as plums, will be significantly accelerated if these trees are planted next to each other. Almost all stone fruits take root well near grapes. The exception is peach. Its root system is located at the same level as the root system of the grapes, so the roots are intertwined with each other..

The peach grows well next to other stone trees, but the apricot does not tolerate such a neighborhood. This fruit tree is best planted next to the apple tree..

Distance between trees

In order for fruit trees to start bearing fruit earlier and bring large yields, observe the distance between them. The distance is calculated using the formula “Sa + SB = S”, where “Sa” is the height of the first tree, “SB” is the height of the second tree, “S” is the distance between them.

Do not plant berry bushes or vegetables next to trees, as these crops can spread many fungal and viral diseases. Plants such as potatoes are pulling too much nutrients from the soil.

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