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Summer fruit tree care

apples in the garden Fruit trees grow in every garden plot. With proper care, they produce large yields every year. For the formation of fruits, plants consume nutrients in the soil, therefore, over time, the soil is depleted, and the yield of fruits or berries becomes less.

In the summer, a large number of insect pests are activated. In July, the fruits are still ripening on the trees, so it is impossible to treat the plants with pesticides. In order to protect the crop from pests, biological products are used. They do not accumulate in fruits and do not contain substances harmful to humans..

Fertilizing trees after treatment

You need to take care of the future harvest in July. In order to get a large harvest of fruits for the next year, organic fertilizers are applied to the trunk circle of fruit trees:

  • rotted cow dung;
  • wood ash;
  • deciduous soil.

Humus contains a large amount of nitrogen necessary for the formation of new shoots with fruit buds. Wood ash is a source of minerals, thanks to which the future fruit harvest is formed. Decayed foliage contains potassium, which helps the fruit gain sweetness..

The application of chemical fertilizers during the fruiting period also helps to shape the future crop. For feeding fruit trees, superphosphate and potassium salt are used. These components can be supplemented with a complex mineral fertilizer with a reduced content of nitrogen and magnesium..

The superphosphate needs to be well dissolved, so it is better to use hot water to prepare the nutrient solution. The water temperature should be 60 – 70 ° C. Watering trees with such water, you warm up the soil and the root system of young seedlings, which contributes to their rapid growth..

It is better to water young trees at the root from a watering can. If the trees are old, and their root system is close to the soil surface, then bottles with a nutrient solution should be installed in their near-trunk circle to ensure drip irrigation..

Preventive work

It is necessary to pluck fruits affected by fungal diseases. Such fruits must be burned. You cannot use them for composting, since the spores of lower fungi develop well in its nutrient medium, and then you carry them along with the fertilizer around the site.

In August, after harvesting, all diseased branches are pruned so that fungal diseases do not spread through the crown of trees before autumn pruning. Fungicide treatment is carried out immediately before autumn pruning..

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