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We study broiler diseases and methods of control

broilers Broilers are excellent meat hybrids of chickens that can be grown even in the country. During the summer cottage, broilers gain weight up to 5.5 kg. It is necessary to beat broilers on the 40th day of life, since then they do not gain weight at all, but a lot of feed travels. It is quite rare to grow a broiler up to 5.5 kg, since certain conditions for keeping broilers must be observed.

Conditions of detention

If you are keeping broilers in brooders, do not overpopulate the enclosure. Up to 20 chickens can be raised in one brooder, as broilers must constantly move. Due to lack of movement, broilers weaken and begin to fall to their feet, eat less and gain weight more slowly. The room where you keep broilers should be exposed to sunlight, as rickets can be the cause of the death of chickens on their legs, which is caused by a lack of vitamin D. place her from the rest of the livestock in a cramped cage so that she only gets food and water, and give the broiler antibiotics.


If the chicken is breathing heavily and wheezing, make a ventilation system in the chicken coop. Due to stagnant air, the lungs and thyroid gland of the broiler suffer. If you open a dead chicken, you will find a yellow, jelly-like liquid in its lungs. Up to 100 broilers can die from dropsy in a few days.

Give your chickens a weak solution of iodine (2-3 drops per liter of water) and provide good air circulation in the enclosure. Install several fans in the coop and keep them on at all times. To prevent chickens from breathing ammonia, change bedding often and clean pallets.

White diarrhea

Approximately on the 42nd day of keeping, before slaughter, the chickens begin to vilify. Their diarrhea is white and the faeces are not formed. In a day with this disease, broilers lose up to 500 g of weight, and after five days, if no measures are taken, they die. If you open the chicken, you will find that the stomach lining is greenish-black in color. This disease occurs in chickens from drinking hard or contaminated water. Most often, chickens begin to vilify if they are given water from a shallow well. To prevent this disease, purify water with oxidizers or filters..

Buy distilled water for day and week old chicks.

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