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Mountain pine varieties for a summer cottage

Perhaps not a single coniferous plant will forgive you so many mistakes as a pine tree, and specifically a mountain one. She patiently tolerates partial shade and heavy soil, and mountain pine varieties will delight you with their diversity. It is one of the favorite crops among gardeners, with many varieties. Everyone will be able to choose a plant for their site, large or modest in size..

Mountain pine is not demanding on growing conditions. It grows better in breathable soils, but can survive in heavy soil..

The acidity does not matter to her, unless it is too high. But in this case, the pine will survive, it will simply turn yellow. Preferring the sun, the plant will be able to take root in partial shade..

Mountain pine varieties

Among the natural forms of this plant, there are slender tall trees and compact pine bushes. All of them got an unpretentious character, resistance to drought and winter frosts. Preserved for the varieties and the chic decorative appearance of dense needles, but each has its own characteristics.

One of the most beautiful varieties of mountain pine can rightfully be considered:

  • Mugus;
  • Pumilio;
  • Dwarf;
  • Pug;
  • Humpy;
  • Ophir;
  • Columnaris;
  • Kissen;
  • Hedgehog;
  • Jacobsen.

Mugus and Pumilio

The Mugus and Pumilio pines are natural tree forms, not varieties. They can grow into stunted dense bushes or grow into 3-meter coniferous thickets. It all depends only on the growing conditions.

The Mugus pine has short branches, bent upward, and dark green needles up to 4 cm long.From the age of 6, cone-shaped cones up to 6 cm long are tied.When ripe, they turn into a light brown light.

Pumilio pine usually does not grow taller than 1.5 m, but at the same time its diameter is twice as large. The branches are vertical at first, but gradually bend under their own weight. The needles are the same color, but slightly longer. Cones are formed at the age of 7.

Natural species of mountain pine are distinguished by higher resistance to diseases and pests. They also tolerate unfavorable conditions (heat, dryness, frost, wind) better and lend themselves to shaping..


As the name suggests, this is a compact variety. For 10 years, it reaches only 60 cm in height and slightly more than 1 m in diameter. The Gnome has a beautiful rounded crown, the needles are dark green, tough. Already in the second year of cultivation, small brown cones are tied.

In the second ten years, the Dwarf seems to wake up and begin to actively “drive” in height. The width of the bush remains the same, but it can grow up to 3 m in height.However, regular pruning will help to restrain this process and keep the dimensions at the same level.


Another dwarf variety that, with good care, can reach 1.5 m in height. But it can always be distinguished by its wide, up to 2.5 m in diameter, cushion-shaped crown. Another characteristic feature of the Pug is the short blue-green needles..


One of the new dwarf varieties that does not need a haircut. He has a very dense flat crown with a diameter of up to 1.5 m, and this is with a total height of the bush of only 0.5-0.8 m. The needles are dark green, but in autumn they acquire a brownish-red hue. Humpy has no cones, but the bush is covered with beautiful yellow inflorescences.


A wonderful dwarf with an original color of the needles. It is yellow in winter and turns green again in spring. The bush has a crown in the form of a flattened sphere, the height is slightly more than 1 m with a width of up to 60 cm.


The variety is also known as Columbo. It has a slender cone-shaped crown, the height of which does not exceed 2.5-3 m.At the same time, the diameter is only 1.5 m.The dark green needles are covered with a glossy shine, the branches branch strongly.

Columbo’s buds are covered with white resin, which makes it especially decorative in winter..


A small tree with an interesting shape resembles a candlestick. It grows very slowly, no more than 5 cm per year. The needles are small, up to 3 cm long. In 10 years, Kissen grows to only 45 cm in height.


Slow growing dwarf cultivar with dark needles. The annual growth does not exceed 2 cm, and the height of the bush is 40 cm. The crown is spherical, up to 60 cm wide. Ornamental pine for sunny places, but it will also be able to endure shading.


An unusual dwarf shrub with a spreading crown, the width of which will reach only 50 cm in 10 years. This is a bonsai that nature itself created. The needles are dark green, curved at the tips. Gray shoots are curved, with age they lose needles at the base, forming bizarre bushes. At the end of winter, white buds appear on the tops of the shoots..

These are not all varieties of mountain pine, but some of the most compact and decorative. There will always be a place for such plants on a private plot..

Video review of popular varieties of mountain pine

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