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Suburban area design: an integrated approach is the key to success

suburban area design The design of the suburban area should begin with a “street” look. A summer cottage can begin to delight the owners, guests and passers-by even with its outdoor fence. An easy way to decorate a fence is to plant climbing plants such as grapes or a climbing rose. If the site is bounded by twigs, a net or homemade crossbars will help plant growth..

Climbing plants will also help shield buildings from the sun. After a couple of years, the shade from them will perfectly prevent the walls from heating, it is nice to hide under the cool canopy of them in the heat.

Subtleties of the design of the site on a slope

Even an uneven piece of land can be ennobled by using elevation differences for your own purposes. If the area of ​​the territory allows, then it is advisable to level part of the land. This can be done using artificial concrete or brick walls, which will hold the raised part of the site. If you take a level place with a pool area, the children will be very happy!

The dacha is a place for moral rest. It is difficult to imagine a summer cottage without ornamental plants. By laying out footpaths with paving slabs, and planting undersized shrubs along them, you can significantly improve the appearance.

Castor oil plant is a simple plant that easily decorates the site. Almost maintenance-free, so this is an excellent choice. You can also plant any annual plants in the spring, and in the fall, dig up the tubers and store them in the basement..

It’s nice if you have the opportunity to grow fruits right on your site. It can be:

  • fruit trees (apple, pear, cherry, sweet cherry, apricot, plum and others);
  • bushes and shrubs (mountain ash, raspberry, currant, gooseberry, walnut, strawberry);
  • grape.

A country house should perform basic functions: a kitchen, an overnight stay for owners and guests, a basement storage of products, a warehouse for tools. The toilet and shower can either be taken out or built into a separate room in the building..

You can make a beautiful interior from the simplest materials: paint the walls with light paint, create an imitation of supports around the perimeter of a dark bar, add decorative elements (old clock, antlers, a nice sofa). It’s no longer ashamed to invite guests!

An additional nuance is the presence of a well. If there is a well and electricity is supplied, life in the country is greatly simplified. The electric pump itself can be placed directly above the well and shaped as a small imitation of a well..

DIY site design – video

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