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Linden varieties: a small selection of compact and original trees for the garden

linden varieties If there is a garden, then it does not have to contain only pears and apple trees. Even for the most modest site, you can find varieties of linden, which will please with their shapes, attract bees, and provide medicinal raw materials. Of course, most often we come across majestic lime trees, with a wide spreading crown. But among them there are species that are quite suitable for a private garden, especially in the large-leaved linden. And if there is a place, it means that the European linden will be able to find a refuge in your country house. What are the most popular lindens among amateur gardeners?

Large-leaved linden varieties

Large-leaved linden is one of the richest in varietal diversity. She will surprise you with her slender crown and give a special charm to the garden. Among the large-leaved limes with compact forms, it is worth noting such varieties.

Rathaus variety

It has a narrow, dense crown, which makes it an ideal tree to form. Thanks to regular haircuts, the linden crown can be shaped into any shape, from a ball to a pyramid. You need to prune the tree at least 4 times a year. The first haircut is carried out in the second decade of May, the next three – with a break of a month. So the linden crown will be dense.

To create a living linden hedge, seedlings of the Rathaus variety must be planted at a distance of 1 m from each other. But for the linden variety One you need at least 5 m.


The slimmest of all lindens, because it has the narrowest crown. It is often used for alleys, because the branches striving upward do not bend or break. The trees will have the same height and trunks and crowns. The variety is also good for hedges, since each tree does not require a lot of space..

Linden haircut – minimal, just to keep in shape.

Fastigiata Favorite

This variety has a wider crown than the Fastigiata linden, but the tree is also very beautiful. Lush dense foliage on numerous, almost vertical, shoots looks simply gorgeous.

Grade One

The crown has an ovoid, but rather compact and not wide crown. The leaves are slightly smaller than the American linden, but wider than the large-leaved. Longer and linden-colored catkins, while the shoots themselves are powerful, long. After the fourth transplant, the trunk girth of a young tree is about 30 cm.

Tokorish type

Another compact variety with a narrow crown compared to most large-leaved linden species. Differs in increased drought resistance and tolerates hot dry summers well. The Tokorish type linden also has large fruits on long petioles, and the young growth is red..

Rubra variety

Young twigs that have appeared in the current season give a special decorative effect to this linden. They are emerald green at first, but turn red in winter. In young leaves, this tendency also persists: small leaves are red-green, and over time, the redness disappears. An adult old tree is quite large, up to 20 m high with an oval crown width of about 8 m.

To maintain the characteristic ruby ​​tone of the deciduous crown, many gardeners lightly trim the edges of the shoots every spring..


This linden is somewhat larger than the Fastigiata variety, but not as wide as the common large-leaved tree variety. It quickly begins to bear fruit and produces a good harvest of a fragrant and healthy linden blossom. One of the advantages of the variety is the almost identical size of all trees. When landing the alley, they will have the same trunks and beautiful pyramidal crowns, creating rows of twin limes.

Linden Orebro lends itself well to cutting, which allows you to restrain its growth in height.

Charming ball-shaped lindens

Linden trees look especially original, in which, by nature, the crown grows in the form of a ball. This is not only beautiful, but also expands the possibilities for growing such compact tree forms..

Some of the most popular globular limes:

  1. Small-leaved linden Green Glob. Compact variety with an original spherical crown, ideal for small areas. Growth rates are average, leaves are small enough, like for linden.
  2. Linden felt Silver Glob. Another globular linden, but with a more rapid development and slightly larger size. It grows its round crown faster than the Green Glob variety, and it is also wider. Their leaves also differ: they are larger, lighter and covered with a delicate fluff on the back..

European linden

Of the species of European linden, the Pallida variety is valued. Unlike the considered large-leaved linden varieties, it is several times larger than their size. Pallida is the largest tree among the lindens: the crown diameter can reach 20 m. But the main advantage of the variety is that it almost does not get sick. That is why the Pallida linden tree is often planted in city parks..

Linden varieties – video

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