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Strawberry seedlings and their independent life

strawberry seedlings Strawberries are suitable for both growing and breeding. Culture is sown on seedlings in winter. At the end of February, strawberry seedlings are picked into bowls, and at the 20th of March they are transplanted into disposable cups. At that time, the stems already have 2 independent leaves. But in mid-May, the matured seedlings are transferred to open ground. How to do this correctly and how to cover the garden bed so that there are no weeds? Experienced farmers will help you figure it out..

Landing in Comfort mode

Although the strawberry is considered a light-loving plant, it is recommended to plant it in places with little shade. Trellises with grapes and a garden with young fruit trees will make a wonderful company to her. Especially this advice should be heeded by the inhabitants of the southern regions. At a temperature of + 35 ° C, the herbaceous plant begins to slow down the metabolic process. The berries stop growing the fruit mass and change color in the blink of an eye. So, the crop turns red on the garden bed, although in fact it has not yet ripened.

The water table can be very close to the surface. In this case, you should fill the bed, but remember the disadvantages of this method. The hill freezes in winter (strawberries cannot stand below -10 ° C), and dries up in summer.

Now it’s time to pay attention to the landing itself. Preliminarily, organic fertilizers are applied to the site, in particular, rotted manure. Up to approx. 120 kg in a small area. Together with him, they are digging a vegetable garden. After that, the following work is carried out:

  • divide the planting area into beds, keeping a distance of 60 cm;
  • to measure the interval between the holes, a measuring stick is cut out – 25 cm;
  • form a hole, as deep as a garden shovel;
  • break a glass of seedlings;
  • an earthen clod is planted flush with the soil surface;
  • compact the root circle.

Strawberry is a stunted plant. Therefore, the beginning of her death throes is the weeds. They grow much higher than fruit bushes and drown them out. They solve a burning problem with the help of agrofibre (thickness – 50 g / m²). Long strips are cut out, the width of which is 60 cm. They are placed in the aisles, slightly stretching. Then they are folded at the joints and attached with clothespins. Also use a stapler. However, when the weed grows, you have to tear the canvas. The edges are fixed with metal staples.

The proposed shelter method is not suitable for breeding strawberries. But for breeding varieties – an excellent option, because the soil under it is always loose and moist.

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